Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

Well, it is officially our 7th snow day which will quickly be followed by our 8th snow day tomorrow. Yes ladies, we have to make all these days up. They tack them on to the end of our school year. I had no idea this was not the norm! :)  I knew before I even went to bed last night that I did not have to work so it was nice sleeping in without worrying about the alarm. Clark slept until about 9:00 so it was nice!!
Today I am linking up with sweet Jamie again to share WHAT I AM LOVING.

I AM LOVING that the one thing that made me sooooo happy on Monday and caused my fellow teacher friends to laugh at my excitement was finding that my new jean jacket had pockets in it! ha! I know- it sounds dumb but it really made my day. I am in the middle of teaching my 3rd graders all about Westward Expansion when I come to this realization. It made me so happy! I love a good pocket!
(There you go Roxana- the jean jacket pockets made the blog!)

I AM LOVING that this is what our day consisted of today:





I AM LOVING that tonight I will be able to stay awake for the entire episode of TOP CHEF and not feel bad about it. See, there are perks to my snow days.

I AM LOVING that today C and I went to our town's indoor flea markety type place and we were there for 2 hours! It was my first time and not my last. He was quite the trooper and I came out with these deals and a few more. No, those are not Sharpies. They are SHOUPIES. ha! They were $1.97 a package. I am not kidding. This place was so random. Beautiful antique booths next to hunting gear, next to bins of Shoupies.

I AM LOVING that this may be on the agenda tomorrow:



  1. My days have been built in so far, so I feel for you :( BUT, I am so jealous you're already off for tomorrow!!!! I wish I was!

  2. I'm a special ed aide and our days are getting tacked on at the end of the year here too!!! I'm worried I'll be working in July hehehe

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    I'm loving that red chest you found!

  4. I love a good pocket as well...I found them the other day on a fav. skirt and was pretty pumped!

  5. those shoupies are a steal. they look exactly like sharpies!

  6. 1.) I love a good pocket too.
    2.) I LOVE the chest for C's Big Boy room. LOVE IT!
    3.) What editing program are you using for your pictures... or how are you getting the text on the picture? If you could email me that, I'll be your best friend. ;)

    And, as always,thank you for sharing. :)

  7. As always, I love your blog - especially the simple things in life you love!!!!- like pockets! R


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