Monday, January 17, 2011

All Dry- Day4.

I know there are big things going on in the world, great dresses from the Golden Globes to be discussed, Bachelor predictions for tonight's show to be made,world peace to be accomplished,but the talk around the Snyder house is all focused on one thing.


Yes, that is right and to some of you may seem so silly, but here it is a BIG DEAL. If you remember a few days ago I posted a cry for HELP. Well, it turns out that C decided that it was time to try. He must have read the blog. ha! Friday at the sitter's house he was dry all day and came home wearing underwear. So we kept taking him to the potty and it was working! We went out to eat on Friday with some friends and he even used the potty at the restaurant. So I thought we might be on to something. Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing and Stuart and I were both home so we continued the potty trips followed by a reward of PEZ from his Thomas The Train, Percy or James Pez dispensers. He stayed dry again! Yesterday we did not have to ask him to go, he asked us every time. He wore a PullUp all day because all of his underwear were dirty, but he wore the same one all day and kept it dry.  So last night I washed all his clothes and we made a trip to WalMart for more BIG BOY underwear and PEZ. Today is DAY 4 and I am home with him because we are out of school for MLK Jr. day and so far so good!

I still have a box of 100 diapers I bought at Target last week and I am holding on to the receipt in hopes we will not need them! We will see. FINGERS CROSSED.

He is SOOOOO proud.

Picking his candy.
Yes- we bribe. We keep the lid on the container and it is on the back of the potty.
Don't judge. IT WORKS. :)

Morning of DAY4.

We picked these up at WalMart yesterday.
Happy Monday.


  1. You must come to my house next! Blake is not one bit interested and I am afraid I will be training Kylie before Blake!!

  2. the candy bribe is the best--my parents totally kept a thing of candy on the back of toilet for me as well. congrats on potty training!


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