Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Explored.

Today we woke up to snow- AGAIN. I don't think the weather got the memo that it is not supposed to snow on SATURDAY- only on school days. I knew it was going to snow, but when I woke up it looked like we were trapped in a snow globe. There were big flakes flying right at the window and I was a little surprised. But we did not let the snow ruin our big Saturday plans. Stuart headed to work this morning at 8:15 and Clark and I slept in! This was only after waking up at 7:30 to Stuart's alarm and not seeing Clark on the monitor. So Stuart went into his room to find him sound asleep on the floor and Mickey Mouse tucked in the bed. He moved him to the bed and C did not wake. He slept until 9:45am!! This momma got to sleep in and it was nice considering I taught a full week this week. I have not taught a full week in ages! I was EXHAUSTED.

Once we finally awoke and showered we headed to Lexington to The Explorium. The Explorium is the children's museum. I have taken my classes there before, but never Clark and I was looking forward to it. Today they were offering 1/2 off admission for anyone that lives in our county! SCORE. We both got in for $7.00. We went with our friends Ginny & Jack and the boys had a great time & so did the mommas! These boys were everywhere and it really was so much fun to watch them go and do. Clark loved the horses, the bubbles and anything with water. Jack was lovin' the ride on tractor!  They had a scavenger hunt, different tables set up with crafts and exhibits, along with all of the usual fun children's museum type things. It was fun times and has now been added to the birthday party spot idea list! We played for a few hours and then headed across the street for lunch! It was a fun way to spend the snowy day.

Check out this snowman.
Yes- it might be going in a frame...

Notice- the smocks are still hanging on the wall...

What do you think? Rocket Scientist in training??

Now Clark is napping, Stuart is off somewhere with his buddies watching The Cats and I am blogging and doing laundry- oh and Barney, he is asleep on the couch.  We had a great morning and have no plans tonight, so a quiet night at home it is! It will be much needed after this long week.

Did you do any exploring today?

Happy Saturday.


  1. FUN! The bubble thing looks awesome! :) Enjoy your stay-at-home evening!
    *Oh, and I went exploring to Foodfair. ;)

  2. I just love to read your posts. You must take a trip to Indianapolis to the children's museum there. They have some hotels that have a museum and zoo package. Great museum...5 floors! Zoo is very flat, great for a stroller. Good weekend getaway!

  3. It looks like you have had a wonderful day! I have been exploring or googling OIB all day. Thanks for the tip. Do you have suggestions on a rental company to use?


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