Sunday, February 13, 2011

Since Sunday.

Well Hello!!
This week has been jam packed and I have not had a chance to sit down to blog. Stuart worked until 8:00 all week making him arriving home at 8:30 each night. This made it a little difficult to blog and once he got home I was exhausted. So- right now he is at the gym and the little man is napping (and I might have just woken up from a nap too) and now there is time! Not only have I been behind on blogging, but I have not read many blogs this week so I am going to catch up on those today too- before I head to school to work on lesson plans for the week and get my classroom Valentine's Day party ready! So here is a recap of our busy week.

MONDAY: Was just like any typical Monday around here. A full school day, jazzercise, grocery shopping, gave C a bath, fixed dinner for me and the little man, BLOGGED about our weekend festivities and I am pretty sure I headed to bed no later than 9:30 or 10:00.

TUESDAY: NO SCHOOL- SNOW DAY #13 OR 14- I have lost count.
I got the text at 5:45 and I have to admit I was pretty excited to stay in bed. C woke up at about  8:30 and we played a while and then headed to The Dollar Tree to shop for must needed items for the 100th day of school. We then headed to school to work on a few unfinished projects. Clark was all over the place. I did get a few projects done, but did spend a lot of the time following him around picking up after him! :) There are lots of treasures in 3rd graders desks for 2 year old boys to find. jeez!  We ended our day with a trip to Jazzercise followed by a dinner at C's favorite place. Chick-Fil-A! It was a cozy dinner for two followed by playtime the indoor playground. He loved every minute of it, while I was finding it hard not to go into Mrs. Snyder mode and correct the kid going up the slide and the kid trying to get my kid to throw "dynamite bombs" with him at all the girls. Clark was very confused by that one and I am just glad there has been no talk of dynamite or bombs since then!

One of the projects I worked on with Clark's help.
We decorate our doors in February for I LOVE TO READ month.
I chose the book A BAD CASE OF STRIPES.
If you have not read it- DO IT.

WEDNESDAY: 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL. This day was wildly fun and wildly busy. We did have school and we finally made it to 100 days. To celebrate 100 days I planned some activities all around the number 100. I used the 100 piece puzzles I picked up at The Dollar Tree as morning work for my kids. I wrote them a fun note on the board telling them to pick a puzzle, pick a partner and get started. They were so excited, it was great problem solving and critical thinking for 7:15 in the morning.  We also wrote about and created a collage portrait of ourselves at 100 years old! This was so much fun and I got the idea from HERE and she got the idea from HERE. Have I mentioned I LOVE stealing sharing ideas with other teachers?! We did many more 100th day activities followed up by a school wide assembly with many important people from many different agencies which meant I had to keep my kiddos on their best behavior. (Of course they did great!) After school C and I headed to church for dinner and I am taking a Wednesday night class. After church we headed home and bath and bed. We also found out some very interesting news Wednesday night that I will share much more about in another post.

THURSDAY: Oh my Thursday. You may have noticed that I did not get to post a Teacher Talk Thursday and here is my excuse. Thursday was a full day of school. I am the school Academic Team coach and we hosted a meet right after school (we lost). After the meet I headed to pick up C and we enjoyed a SUPER QUICK dinner at Burger King before going to the college for the county spelling bee. I am our school spelling bee coordinator so I had to go. Not sure how Clark would do, but thanks to the gracious mommy in front of us who had time to pack snacks and my iPhone he did pretty well. We made it through and then ran to the car to try to make it to our Thursday night Kindermusik class before it was over. We were only about 15 minutes late, so we got to enjoy some quality time with Mrs. Kim and the other ten 2 and a half year olds! It was wild times as usual, but just what C needed after being forced to sit quietly through a spelling bee! We sang and danced until 8:00 and then made it home in time for a few quality minutes with daddy before heading to bed. At this point I had ZERO energy for blogging AND could not get my paypal to work to pay for my McKlinky for the link up so I gave up and went to bed. I will try again before this Thursday.

One of the moments of somewhat calm during Kindermusik.
We LOVE Mrs. Kim.

FRIDAY: Friday we had no sitter in the afternoon so I took a half day. This required me heading to school early to create afternoon sub plans. I worked until 11:00 and then picked up the wild man. We got home to learn that daddy took the afternoon off too. This was surprising because had I known I would not have had to take the day off, BUT I decided to take it and enjoy it. We had not seen much of him this week so it was nice to spend time together. Clark and I took naps and then we all went to visit sweet baby Rosie who was born last week and her momma! I have been dying to get my hands on her and we had the time so we made it over. Clark is still talking about her and I am pretty sure I can still smell that sweet new baby smell! She was the sweetest thing and her momma is doing a great job. I hope we did not overwhelm her as the Snyder party of 3 barged into her home interrupting the calm of her day.  After visiting we came home to a super calm night and ordered a pizza from our favorite local spot. It was delightful. I was not worth much after about 8:00 as a fell asleep on the couch until 11:30 when I woke up to do some laundry, clean the kitchen up and get things ready for my momma's arrival on Saturday.

Sweet Rosie!

My sweet boy and baby Rosie.
Hard to believe he was that small once!

SATURDAY: On Saturday Stuart had to work and Clark and headed over to a friend's house for a tax party. We have been going to "Aunt" Sharon's (long story) for a few years to get our taxes done. She fixes a lovely brunch buffet and we all bring our tax documents and take turns meeting with the accountant to get our taxes done while the kiddos play. As soon as we were done there Clark and I headed to a 31 Party at my dear friend Mindy's house. She has been on bed rest and was very glad to have the company. We visited and shopped before coming home so that C could take a nap before my mom arrived. My mom did arrive and I was so glad to see her- SO WAS CLARK. My sweet momma came to stay with C so Stuart and I could enjoy a night out!! We did. We had a wonderful dinner at The Melting Pot followed by a movie. We saw The King's Speech. It was very good and I think we both really enjoyed it. Even though it did last until midnight- kinda late for us these days! :) I did enjoy the night out with my handsome husband and I know my momma and Clark enjoyed their time too.

Quite obvious these two were excited to spend the evening together.

1ST Course.

I decided to take a self portrait with my phone with Stuart in mid bite! oops!

Way excited for the chocolate course.
Yes- that is WHITE & DARK chocolate. yummo.

SUNDAY: Today we woke up and went to church. My momma joined us! After church we ate MiMexico where Clark enjoyed his usual ENTIRE basket of chips and salsa while we got to visit with my mom for just a little bit longer. After lunch we said goodbye to my mom, napped and now I am blogging. C woke up a few minutes ago with adorable bed head begging for an apple and fruit snacks and Stuart just walked in from the gym. I am going to go to school to get things ready for the week and consider making a meal plan for the week.

My bed head boy just up from his nap!

That was a wrap up of our week. Good for you if you managed to stay tuned in to all the details of it!
Hope you have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY tomorrow.


  1. LOVE the door!! That's one of my favorite books.

  2. The door is too cute! And I love that book!
    I also love the Melting Pot- that chocolate looks delicious!


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