Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday.

I am linking up with sweet Jamie today as I take a few minutes to think about a few things I am LOVING today.

1. I AM LOVING these BEAUTIFUL flowers that my sweet husband sent me today. I LOVE getting flowers at school and I love the guy that sent them to me.

2. I AM LOVING Britney S. Peirce from GLEE. She makes me laugh out loud. I just love her so much. If you don't watch GLEE I recommend it. It is a guaranteed smile.

3. I AM LOVING all my new sweet followers. Thanks so much for following along. I love your comments. (If you are a teacher or teacher to be come back and link up tomorrow.)

4. I AM LOVING that tonight is Wednesday and we are eating dinner at church. That means I don't have to cook and better yet, I don't have to clean dishes!

5. I AM LOVING that Disney Junior  (The new Playhouse Disney) has a new show. Clark is LOVING Jake and The Never Land Pirates. I love it because it is a break from the usually requested Mickey or Imagination Movers and it is actually quite cute.

6. I AM LOVING that it was nearly 60 degrees outside today and we got to have RECESS. I totally would have let them stay out there for a few hours if it was allowed. We all needed it.

7. I AM LOVING that TOP CHEF is on tonight. I just love that show.

8. I AM LOVING that I am almost done with my division unit. It is like my least favorite thing to teach, and they are finally mastering it and we get to move on. HOORAY!!

9. I AM LOVING buying, washing and folding tiny little underwear! They are just so stinkin' cute!

10. I AM LOVING my sweet boys as always!



  1. What a sweet husband you have! There are some days that we go to recess twice in one day just because we all need it!c

  2. Fractions are my least favorite unit! OUr division in 3rd only consists of separating into equal groups!

  3. Our playground is still covered in ice, but it is finally melting. We're supposed to have a 60 degree weekend coming up, so hopefully it will all melt because we miss our recesses too! :-)

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    Britney is definitely my favorite on Glee! She cracks me up!

  5. We have been doing division too! I have a cute song for it if you are interested!


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