Monday, February 28, 2011

Visit to The Capitol

So today was "Hill Day". The day that all the newly certified National Board Certified teachers in the state of Kentucky were honored at the state capitol. Being the first at my school to certify, I had no idea what to expect. So I RSVP'd and went. We were allowed to bring one guest- our administrators. So, I took a half day and my principal and I made the 15 minute commute to Frankfort to visit the capitol. It was a rainy, nasty day and I was not feeling 100%, but we went anyway.  We checked in had a huge group picture made, listened to many "big shots" speak and learned that today was officially named NBCT Day in KY. After the greeting and guest speakers we were escorted to the Senate to be recognized in their chambers. However, they were in session and the wait took a little longer than expected. After waiting about an hour we were finally escorted into the chambers. (This is after MANY people had given up on the wait and left.) The teacher in me was very excited to see it all in action. We were greeted by the Senators, recognized by one of them who presented us and they all stood up and recognized us. It was pretty cool to be recognized for all our hard work- I must say. Then we headed up front to the podium area and had another group photo. After the photo session we were escorted to The House of Representatives where the plan was to do the same there. However, I opted out of the wait and my principal and I headed out early.  I was so glad I went and I did manage to take a few pictures to share with my class tomorrow. 

No- I did not take this one. I wish it was this nice today.
Source: Google Search- KY tourism website.

Now, on to TV watching. LOTS of good stuff on tonight and I hope to get a few other things done like unload the dishwasher, respond to some emails and put away the giant pile of discarded clothes that are in the floor of my closet. If I am feeling really crazy I might even put away all of the serving dishes that are still piled on the table from dare I say- our Super Bowl party 3 weeks ago! We will see.
Hope you have a much more productive evening!

For more information on how you can become Nationally Board Certified go HERE.
I would HIGHLY recommend it.


  1. Congrats on National Board! I am working on Early Childhood Generalist as we speak! Ugh, I am ready for it to be over with! This is actually my 2nd go around. I am having to complete the Math/Science lesson again!

  2. congrats abby! this is a huge accomplishment! my mom got hers this year and was in frankfort today too! i know the time it takes to reach this point... you should treat yourself to something fabulous!

  3. Congrats on such an accomplishment! I agree with Abby, treat yourself to something fabulous!

  4. Get it, sister!!!!!! So proud of you!!!! Now, go treat yourself to a Target run or something. You totally deserve it!


    Ms. M

  6. Congrats again Abby! Your pic is great! I am glad you enjoyed the day.


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