Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teacher Talk- Great Lesson Ideas

Happy Thursday Friends. Today I'm bringing Teacher Talk Back and my goal is to host a link up once a month. That is about all I can commit to these days. Seeing as it is 7:00 on Thursday night and all three of my kiddos need bathed and I am neglecting them to post this! :) They will get cleaned- no worries.

I am getting back into the swing of things after having the babies and being away from school for 11 weeks. I am just now getting the hang of the whole teacher/mommy of 3 thing and starting to feel good about it all. One reason I have been able to come back and feel good about what I am teaching is because of you! I read wayyyyy too many blogs. I find so many good ideas on your blogs that make my life so much easier. I love when I find something that you all have created that I can use in my classroom. I am not sure how I survived teaching without blogs, Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers! One of these days I am going to have time to spruce up some of my stuff to sell on TPT or even enough to feel comfortable sharing it on this blog, but until then I am relying on you to help me!

One of my FAVORITE blogs is What the Teacher Wants. I think that Rachelle and Natalie do such a great job and have so many wonderful resources on their blog that it is one I check often. Thanks girls!!

While I was on maternity leave Natalie posted information about her Wax Museum unit and I was hooked. I bought it that night. I teach 5th grade Language Arts this year and I was trying to come up with a way to study biographies and add a little public speaking and research to meet as many Common Core goals as possible in one assignment and this was it!! It was a great purchase. It is a wonderful packet with everything needed to pull off a Wax Museum.

Click HERE to get to Natalie's TPT Store.

I assigned my kids the project the week we got  back from Christmas break and it was due last week. Let me just tell you they blew me out of the water! They did an outstanding job. They had to read a biography, do a book report, share their report in front of the class and then dress up like their character for a Wax Museum for the entire school. It was great and everyone around here has been signing my praises, but Natalie did all the work! It was an outstanding project that I highly recommend you checking out. This is now a yearly project. I learned so much this year and can't wait to try it again next year.

Here are some pictures of my first attempt at a biography/book report/wax museum:

It was such a wonderful learning experience for my kids and for me! I have 75 5th graders and there were a few things I learned about timing tours through the museum and small details like that, but Natalie did all of the hard part for me. Everything is so user friendly. She included rubrics, parent letters, examples, detailed directions and not only is it all very useful but it is so darn cute!

I took hundreds of pictures of the event and would love to share them all, but I'll spare you that. Just know all my kids did a great job and I was one proud teacher.

So, my question to you is- What have you been up to? Do you have any lesson ideas we need to know about? Do you have any lessons you have created you want to share? A Teacher Pay Teacher site you want to share? A favorite blog? Please link up or at least comment and share some things you are up to. If you have any ideas for the next link up let me know that too!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Friday.
The LINKY will be up all weekend so please come back, check it out and link up if you get the chance. Clink on the link below to join in!


  1. Omg that is such a fun project! I'm going to have to check this out! Those kids are especially adorable all dressed up!!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!! Natalie will be sooooo excited to see this! I'm texting her right now!!!!

    You've been one busy girl!

    Your kiddos' projects turned out AMAZING!!!!


  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!! Your pictures are fabulous!! I am seriously in love with your cute Shirly Temple and JFK! SO GLAD you liked your 1st Wax Museum!!

  4. I did this project with my 7th graders (with slight variations) last year and I just passed out the packet this morning for this year's Wax Museum. They have to do a research report, project board, speech, costume, and props. They do it for open house and it is soo popular!


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