Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life This Week

So, life around here is moving at warp speed. The weeks are flying by and it is Sunday evening and time for a new week before I even realize it. We have not been up to anything exciting, just the daily stuff. The day to day routine is a little more exhausting than it once was and on most nights you can find me asleep on the couch by 9:30. I have missed Revenge the last two weeks and I am NOT happy about it. I try to stop, breathe and take it all in every once in a while because it all is happening so fast. Somehow my BIG BOY can make his own snacks, spell his name, get himself dressed, and seemingly silly things that may not seem like a big deal to most, but as I am tagging clothes for an upcoming consignment sale I just cannot believe how fast it all goes. I just tagged 78 items in the last few hours that my babies have outgrown. Some of it Clark's that Shep never got to wear, but most of it is stuff the babies have outgrown. HOW? How do I have that much already? Again, it happens so fast.  We have not been up to anything that most would find too exciting, but I need to blog about our ordinary because at this rate they will be heading to prom soon! ha!

Becuase I don't really have the energy or any creative blog ideas I am just going to dump my iphone pictures from the week to do a quick recap.  I gave up Facebook for Lent so I have been posting and playing on Instagram a little more than usual as you will notice in my pictures.

Shepard after Ash Wednesday service.

SK proudly sharing her faith.

This week we made time for snuggling and movie watching.

Honestly, this is the face she makes when she wakes up!
So happy to be here each day. We could all learn a lesson from her.

The babies tried rice cereal this week.
Pretty sure he is already blaming something on her. Look at that finger point.
"Sara Kate did it Momma!"- A glimpse at my future

My breakfast. Easy way to eat my oatmeal each morning.
I say easy, but Stuart tried to help me make it the other day and might have forgotten to put the lid on the blender which means oatmeal smoothie all over kitchen at 6:30 am. Not a pretty picture. But the dear man cleaned it all up.

Our buddy Jack came over to play on Saturday.

Sporting our 3 goggles. GO CATS!!

Obviously this girl is mine! I can't say no to that either SK!
(However, I am trying)

Sweet SK was stylin' in her adorable jeans.

My attempt to get a picture of both of them in their jeans = meltdown.

I could just kiss this face all day long.

Now, back to this pile.
Sort, Price, Tag, Repeat.

If this upcoming week slows down, I get the pile of book reports staring at me graded, and the consignment sale items done I hope to get a few blog posts in. Hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend!!

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  1. Oh Abby, they are so beautiful and growing up so quickly!!! I can't believe how much they've changed!
    I too feel like life is flying by and atbsame time crawling. I'm amazed that you blog.....I stink at updating. I'm just getting thru the days. Still not sleeping thru the night round here!!! When did your sweet ones do that?


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