Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do You Want Fries With That?


Tonight was Trick or Treat around these parts and The Snyders were out and about. Our little Trick or Treater surprised us, he wore the burger costume, he LOVED the burger costume, (the same burger costume that nearly a month ago he demanded I take back to the store) he did not want to take it off at the end of the night. He was such a big boy! He walked right up to houses, knocked on the door and said "tick teet". He announced several times to passers by that he was a "Buhgah". He was a hit. We strolled around the neighborhood and then passed out candy on the front porch- besides my good camera having a dead battery (total mommy fail), I would call tonight a success.
Here are some pictures I managed to snap on my phone.


I think he loved handing out candy just as much.

Yes- we had to make a pit stop!

FYI- Getting a 2 year old and a dog to look at the camera at the same time = IMPOSSIBLE.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Lil' Pumpkin Has Grown!

I know this kid is growing, and I have proof! I LOVE this pumpkin sweater. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at TJMAXX. I think Clark was about 3 months old when I bought it and I could not wait for him to wear it. Little did I know he would get 2 seasons out of it! That is unheard of in baby/toddler wear. We are lucky to wear things more than once before he grows out of it, let alone a whole year later! Anyway- he wore it one year ago today and I had to take a few pics in the same spot. I cannot believe this is his 3rd fall. I cannot believe that he is 28 months old. I cannot wait for Trick or Treat tomorrow.
I could not be happier that it is FRIDAY and I could not be happier that this kid is mine!

October 2009

My guy this time last year.

October 2010

My guy TODAY.

Have a wonderful weeknd.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am in the mood today to link up with this lovely lady HERE for WILW!

Something about Fall puts me in a good mood. Yes, my kids at school are a little crazy these days as they gear up for the Halloween weekend, yes- we had a tornado watch yesterday and I might have had to stay in the basement with my class and 500 other kids for about an hour, but none of these things can put a damper on my positive fall outlook! ;) I am still lovin' lots of things these days. Here are just a few in case you are interested.

1.I AM LOVING that the husband and I went on a marriage retreat last weekend with some other lovely couples from our church. We had a WONDERFUL time. We laughed about our differences and spent more time talking to one another than we have in a LONG time. I mean really- when was the last time you and your husband sat on the front porch and talked about your relationship and your differences for an hour and a half? We both agreed it was delightful! A whole weekend in the woods, where someone else cooked your meals and perfect weather- ahhhh bliss!

Our home for the weekend.

2. I AM LOVING Glee last night. I loved, loved, loved it. I loved the Rocky Horror Theme, loved Stamos' solo, and not to be shallow, but I might have loved Mr. Shue's shirtless scene (might have).

3. I AM LOVING that last night I made these just for fun!

4. I AM LOVING this weekend is Trick or Treat and my guys are going to be the cutest pair on the block. Last weekend was Trick or Trunk at church, but I did not get a super great picture so this one will have tide you over until then!
My little burger and hot dog!

5. I AM LOVING that RACHEL thought ever so highly enough of me to award me with a blog award!!
Thanks Rachel. Head over to her blog and check out her ADORABLE little guy. His expressions are priceless.

6. I AM LOVING  that it is boot season. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE flip flop weather, but I am tired of paying to have my toes done. ha! I love fall and I LOVE fall clothes, but my wardrobe is missing TALL BROWN BOOTS. I need a pair like yesterday.

7. I AM LOVING these book character pumpkins that my 3rd graders have been bringing in for our book character pumpkin contest at school. I can't wait to see them all!!

8. I AM LOVING that this weekend is looking like a stay at home, make pancakes, trick or treat, go to church LOW KEY kind of weekend.

 9. I AM LOVING that my mom and dad sent this guy a book in the mail and he was soooooo thrilled. Someone LOVES getting the mail ALMOST as much as his momma!
(Dear RagsLand, please send my commission check any day now. I am tired of getting disappointed every time I check the mailbox- thanks! Abby)

10. I AM LOVING that the election is coming up and there will be an end to all the ridiculous political ads. UGH! Seriously- I have had enough.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Recipe!

After church today we decided to come home and cook lunch rather than going out. I was making a pizza in the kitchen and of course C had to pull up his chair to "hep you momma!". He loves to help in the kitchen and today he created his own recipe that I just had to share. I am pretty sure that Southern Living will be calling as soon as they see this post to publish it in the magazine or even the next cookbook.

I was cleaning and cutting mushrooms when I looked over to him cutting mushrooms with a cheese ball spreader! :) It was adorable and the recipe just took off from there. He was adding things left and right (as I ran to get a camera) It looked so tasty I had to share it with you. I know it is one you are going to want to try. ;)

You will need:
  • A Pyrex Measuring Cup
  • A Spreader
  • A leftover pancake from breakfast
  • peanuts
  • mushrooms
  • Tastefully Simple SiSi Cilantro
  • Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt
  • Tastefully Simple Fiesta Party Dip Mix
  • Tastefully Simple Simply Salsa Mix
  • A microwave (or little oven- as C called it!)
First you will need to cut up your mushrooms and add them to the dish. Next, add some peanuts. Then, crumble up your leftover pancake from breakfast and add that. Once you have done all that you will notice it will need a little kick, so you will need to add some spices. After you have added the spices, be sure to stir it all up. Once it is stirred nicely, place it in the microwave, or LITTLE OVEN for a few seconds. (Or turn the exhaust fan on and announce that it is cooking. Once you think it is done, take it out and ENJOY!!
In case you are confused, we have added some photos to help you.
If you do make this, please let us know how it goes!! ha!

Have I mentioned I LOVE this kid??

It is very important to slice your ingredients properly with your spreader.

It is very important to choose your seasoning wisely.

If yours looks like this you are doing GREAT!

Add a little of this...

And a little of that.

Don't forget to stir!

You will need to cook it in the "Little Oven" for about 10 seconds.

Now, you must wait...
(Yes, this recipe works best when wearing your church clothes.)

Yes, you will be very surprised with the outcome!

Friday, October 15, 2010

We must add this to the list!

Tonight we might have invited ourselves to dinner with some great friends who were celebrating their anniversary. (Happy 5 years Mindy & Dave) We tagged along and were soooooooo glad we did. We took a short, not to mention BEAUTIFUL drive to Midway to Wallace Station. We had never been there before and we are not really sure why. It is right in the middle of horse country and boy do they know how to make a sandwich. We will be adding this to our list of must dos- It may just be our Friday night hot spot. It was just what I needed after this week.  We had delicious food, great company and a charming atmosphere. We got there right before the crowd and satyed a little afterward for some bluegrass music on the back deck where some extra adorable 2 year olds danced along to the banjos. We will be back and I will be trying the grilled PB &J!

I did snap some pictures on my Iphone and would like to say that if you are headed to Wallace Station and need some company, please call The Snyders!

Our New Favorite.
Once we left there was a line to get in.

My boys- so serious yet so handsome!

C and probally the best grilled cheese I have ever had.
(Yes, I ate some of his too- we had to try it!)

Two cute boys just waiting to order.

Stuart-  The Big Brown (A Hot Brown Burger)
Guy Fieri of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” named The Big Brown one of his Top 5 burgers!
Griddled on the bun, with ham, bacon, tomato and white Cheddar Mornay
Abby-Danny’s Turkey Grill
Turkey, Provolone, red onion and Feta spread grilled
on Wallace Station white with garlic annatto butter

I think this guy agrees!

The line began to form while we were eating.
Someone must have spread the word that we were there! ha!

After dinner Bluegrass on the back deck.

Drew LOVED his GIANT grilled cheese.

Me and Mr. Snyder full and happy!

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