Friday, October 15, 2010

We must add this to the list!

Tonight we might have invited ourselves to dinner with some great friends who were celebrating their anniversary. (Happy 5 years Mindy & Dave) We tagged along and were soooooooo glad we did. We took a short, not to mention BEAUTIFUL drive to Midway to Wallace Station. We had never been there before and we are not really sure why. It is right in the middle of horse country and boy do they know how to make a sandwich. We will be adding this to our list of must dos- It may just be our Friday night hot spot. It was just what I needed after this week.  We had delicious food, great company and a charming atmosphere. We got there right before the crowd and satyed a little afterward for some bluegrass music on the back deck where some extra adorable 2 year olds danced along to the banjos. We will be back and I will be trying the grilled PB &J!

I did snap some pictures on my Iphone and would like to say that if you are headed to Wallace Station and need some company, please call The Snyders!

Our New Favorite.
Once we left there was a line to get in.

My boys- so serious yet so handsome!

C and probally the best grilled cheese I have ever had.
(Yes, I ate some of his too- we had to try it!)

Two cute boys just waiting to order.

Stuart-  The Big Brown (A Hot Brown Burger)
Guy Fieri of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” named The Big Brown one of his Top 5 burgers!
Griddled on the bun, with ham, bacon, tomato and white Cheddar Mornay
Abby-Danny’s Turkey Grill
Turkey, Provolone, red onion and Feta spread grilled
on Wallace Station white with garlic annatto butter

I think this guy agrees!

The line began to form while we were eating.
Someone must have spread the word that we were there! ha!

After dinner Bluegrass on the back deck.

Drew LOVED his GIANT grilled cheese.

Me and Mr. Snyder full and happy!


  1. There were several restaurants featured in Southern Living recently from Midway. Glad you tried one and that it was delish! Love the posts and the pics and you guys!

  2. I love Midway as I am alumni to that college. Wallace Station is the bomb-diggity for sure!I am so glad you got to enjoy yourselves over great compnay and scrumptous fare.

  3. So glad you got to enjoy great company over scrumptous fare at Wallace Station- that nestled little Midway secret eatery. I went ot Midway College so I frequent ther with others as often as possible!

  4. Great post! I wanna go there!
    Ps) I love your shirt. :)

  5. Ummm grilled cheese is like my favorite food EVER, and that one looks DELICIOUS! Definitely making the short trip out there soon!!

  6. I love love love Wallace Station! So glad you got to try it!


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