Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I have been reading a few blogs that link up with this lovely lady HERE for What I Love Wednesday and today I have decided to play along. It is FALL, my favorite season of the year so I am in love with so many things right now. I have decided to limit myself to 10 things in random order- so here goes!

1. I AM LOVING that it is FALL BREAK and I get to stay home and snuggle with this guy:

2. I AM LOVING Fall TV!! All my shows are on and my DVR is filling up. I have an addiction to TV and I understand that & I make no apologies for it. There are so many shows I watch and try to keep up with. If I did not have DVR my world would not be the same. I love so many it is hard to choose, but these 3 are up at the top of my list.

3. I AM LOVING This watch and think I need it for Christmas.

4. I AM LOVING that my porch looks like this:

5. I AM LOVING that today I got my hair cut and highlighted and got to have lunch with a dear friend. Both of those things are not easily done on a work day so is was sooooo nice to have a relaxing afternoon.

6. I AM LOVING that tonight I am going to COACH CAL's Women's Clinic. I am going to meet Coach Cal, Erin Andrews and the UK players. I get to tour the facilities and learn all about UK Basketball. I watch UK basketball, I love UK basketball and hopefully after tonight I will be schooled in all the offensive and defensive lingo and enjoy this season even more!

7. I AM LOVING that it is CANDY CORN season. I must admit that Candy Corn is one of my favorite foods. I made rice krispe treats with candy corn in them and they were heavenly!

8. I AM LOVING this blog HERE and love that this crafty little lady with the most adorable little one decided to award me with this award. THANKS MEREDITH!

9. I AM LOVING that my little man built me this:

It is a "Wobot with a big weg and a boo boo" aka A robot with a big leg and a boo boo!
He made this little creation while I was making cookies yesterday morning. He was at my feet working hard and I looked down to find THIS! I was so surprised. I love it so much. I snapped these pictures with my phone and the "Wobot" is still on my kitchen counter. I cannot bear to let it be destroyed just yet!

10. I AM LOVING this weather, these lazy days, the fact that somehow this 2 year old of mine has become so smart and gained his own opinion about things. I am loving that my husband enjoys his new job, that my kitchen is clean, the laundry is caught up and life in general these days. I wish I could bottle up this feeling of joy and contentment I have right now and drink it on days when things are not going as planned, when I am frustrated, whiny and overwhelmed. But for now, I am going to enjoy this life I am living and be thankful it is mine.



  1. Thanks for playing along!

    I love Glee too!

    Glad you're having such a great fall break :)

  2. Love those pictures of your little man - he is too cute!
    And I have that watch on my Christmas list also! :)

  3. ABBY!!! WHat, you are a Kentucky fan too and live in the Lexington area!!! SO JEALOUS!!! I was reading their (Erin and Coach Cal) tweets today and wishing I was there!! I am a huge UK fan!! Just stumbled on your blog and love it! Following along and can't wait to read more. I love finding other UK fans in blogworld!!

  4. Love your list...I especially like that you got the Blog Award...I Awarded Meredith with hers!


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