Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's The Olympics for Horses

It is FALL! It is October! IT IS FALL BREAK!
Yes, that is correct a WHOLE WEEK off of school and I could not be happier about it. This is the first Fall Break in a long time that we have not taken some sort of trip. Stuart's new job is not allowing for vacation time just yet, so this Fall Break will be spent right here and that is okay. I do love traveling to fun places with my guy, but I also love low key and open agendas every now and then. I have big things planned like a full day in my pjs, a hair appointment, lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and train playing. Today was DAY ONE and we made the most of it.

Today we traveled about 15 minutes up the road to The World Equestrian Games. I have heard "It is the Olympics for Horses", and "It is a once in a lifetime experience", and "You may never get the chance again", so I gave in and went. We scored some FREE tickets from a friend of ours (THANKS KATHY) and we decided to go. C and I went with our friends Ginny and Jack. We set off with snacks, coats, cash and no expectations. It was a GREAT and I am so glad we went.

We left the house at 10:00 and it was a chilly day so we bundled up and headed out. We picked up Ginny and Jack and headed to The Horse Park. We paid our $20.00 to park and made the trek to the front gate. Once we found our way in we went straight for the Kid Zone we quickly learned we were there with about 6,000 school kids! It was a little hard to maneuver strollers through the droves of elementary school kids and being on Fall Break I did not want to get in Mrs. Snyder mode. A nice man noticed us and told us that if we came back about 12:30 all the kids would be gone so we took his advice and got out of there!

We made our way to the shopping tents and took in the sights. I did not buy any $600.00 cowboy boots, a new saddle or the newest horse feed on the market, but I did enjoy the people watching. The variety of people was much fun to watch. We waited in line (second in line) for about 30 minutes to meet Calvin Borel (The KY Derby winning jockey) but when he was delayed C and Jack could not stand still much longer so we headed out in search of food. The food tent was quite the amusement park like experience, but we made it through. After a nice meal by the pond we made our way back to the Kid Zone for some shark petting, FREE Dip N Dots and horse watching.

We left at 3:15, we were home by 3:45 and Clark slept until 6:30. It was a fun day. It probably is something we will never get to do again and it was a WONDERFUL opener to Fall Break.

I had to snap a pic of the lunch crowd.

A pic of the outdoor arena between events.

I think this chandelier would be great in my living room! :)

C touched a shark!

As you can see the boys LOVED the Dip N Dots.

I was a little fascinated with this sculptor.

These are for sale if you are interested.
Large one $20,000. Small one $5,000.


  1. I'm jealous! I want to go! :) Glad you guys had a great time and enjoyed FREE dip-n-dots!

  2. What wonderful memories for my two favorite boys!! I believe I could be a little fascinated with the sculptor too!!! Wonderful pictures! I'm going tomorrow. Mammy


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