Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Toddler Top 10

So today we are out of school again! I am not that happy about it because I was going to video tape a lesson today for my portfolio! I have got to get it done on Monday!! I got up and took a shower and was getting dressed when I saw on TV we were out. So, I laid back in bed thinking that Clark would be up soon. At 9:15 (3hours later) I woke up. Clark still sound asleep and Barney had taken Stuart's place in the bed! I could not believe it...9:15! Not a time I usually get to sleep to anymore. So I got up and made some toast and turned on the Today Show (which I never get to do!). I enjoyed a breakfast and catching up on Olympic activity with Matt and Al. At 10:00 C man was still asleep! I began to get worried so I did the ole' check to see if he was breathing thing! ha! He was of course. I was just curious because the child went to bed at 7:45 and at 10:00 am he is still snoozing! Finally, at 10:20 he got up! He was so happy and all smiles.
I just love that little guy and love to see that smile first thing!
So, it being Thursday and all I decided to try to link up to Things I Love Thursdays. I just did a post a few days ago about things I love (THE NOSEFRIDA), and I am doing this blog as a journal, so I decided to make this about things C loves! He is 20 months old and doing and saying something new everyday. He has the best personality! He is usually very easy going, (like his daddy) loves to sleep (like his mommy), and loves to help around the house. We laugh with him everyday.
So, this is C's TOP TEN.
The ten things he is really into these days. (This week anyway)
A Toddler Top 10:

10. My daddy!
He is lots of fun.
(of course I love my mommy too, but how could she
be in a picture with me? She takes them all!)

9. Doing laundry.
If the laundry room door is open, that is where you can find me.

I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. and I LOVE this song.

I love reading to my big brother! I even like to show him the pictures.
(Can you tell my mommy is a teacher?ha!)

6. Brushing my teeth!
(I could do it ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.)

5. Diowas! (aka dinosaurs)

I love diowas. I really like the show Dinosaur Train.
It combines two of my favorite things, diowas and choo-choos!

4. My tractor
well... cars, trucks or anything with wheels.

I like to give everyone a turn to drive!

3. My kitchen

I like to stir, make pizzas for mom & make a mess.
I also love the broom pictured!

2. The Guy Guys (aka The Wiggles)

They are my favorite. I now have this car to prove it.

My mommy got it for me last week for $4.99 at a consignment store because I screamed until she bought it. Thanks mommy!


I love ELMO. I love to carry him everywhere, feed him, put him on the potty to peepee, give him rides in my block wagon, read to him. He is top on my list. I just love this funny red guy.

So I tried to "interview" C about his favorite things.

As you watch, notice how I tried to make it Real World style in the confessional room (or bathroom). I have tried ALL MORNING to get this video to rotate clockwise, but I did give up. So you will just have to turn your head to enjoy my little man telling you, in his own words things he LOVES.

PS-I would LOVE advice on how to rotate it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amazingly gross, yet AWESOME must have!

I LOVE getting mail. I mean I LOVE, LOVE getting mail. In college when I got an orange card (at GC an orange card meant you had a box!) in my mailbox I was simply over the moon. That meant mom had baked cookies, mailed me some Simply Salsa, cash or something equally as exciting. Since college my love of getting the mail has not ceased. Now I look forward to great deals I scored on Ebay, Etsy, or a fabulous Gymboree or Pottery Barn Kids online clearance sale. But today was a new day! My priorities have changed over the last 20 months, and today was proof of that. Today I got home to find a package in my mailbox. It is something so great and wonderful I had to share it. It is something that will change my life. IT IS....
What is the NoseFrida you ask? I had read about it in a few parenting magazines and one day during our many snow days I googled it. I was so enthralled I decided to order it. I am so glad I did. As some of you know Clark has been a little under the weather lately and this tool is just what every mom in my situation needs! (Seriously, no one is paying me for this!) I loved it so much I thought you all might want to know about it too, and it just so happens that I have a cute model who will demonstrate the wonderfulness of this new product for you!

In this picture C is demonstrating the mom (or dad) role in the NoseFrida.

Now C is demonstrating the baby (or in this case big boy) role in the NoseFrida.

Here is the closest I could get to the package so you could read all the information.

This is the full product. The reason for all my excitement!


So, in case you have not figured it out yet it is a SNOT SUCKER! Gross I know, but it works. It does not irritate their little nose and it is VERY effective. Much more affective than the aspirator bulbs. I think this is going to change life as we know it in the Snyder house. Don't worry, you can thank me later once you try it!! :) YOUR WELCOME! ha!


Since I was telling you all about my new favorite thing. I thought I would share this adorable picture of my cute boy and one of his favorite things!
C and his BFF Elmo!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day Play by Play

I don't know about you, but sports are a common theme in the Snyder household. I go to bed many nights with a game of some kind on the TV, and many mornings wake up to the friendly announcers of Sports Center. I am use to the play by play action and the recaps of all of the previous games. It is just something I have become accustomed to and I now find myself interested in. So, today being shockingly ANOTHER SNOW DAY, I thought you might be interested in a play by play of our day!

Yes, we had another snow day today. This making it very clear that my 3rd graders and I will be making Father's Day gifts and I am already coming up with ideas for our 4th of July classroom party! :) To be honest I have lost track of what # snow day this is and when our true last day will be. So to remember all the fun my little man and I have had to last few days I thought I would recap. Remember, I am doing this blog as a journal of our lives so that one day we can look back and remember what life was like. So here it goes!

After breakfast (at 8:45!) we played with ALL our cars,
trucks, planes, any type of transportation you can think of!
9:15 We let Elmo (our best buddy) try out our favorite car ramp!

9:30 We found some more CARS to play with!
Do you notice a common theme?
He loves ANYTHING with wheels these days!

9:35 We lined up all of our favs on the coffee table.
(One of our favorite things to do!)

10:00 ish: Stopped every now and then for a Dora or Elmo break!
(These breaks usually only happen if there is singing on the TV)

10:15 ish: Of course we had quality time with the big brother!
Today we practiced sharing.
1. Notice Barney's WAY short haircut!
2. Sharing = giving Barney a toy and then yelling until he gives it back.

10:30 ish:We decided we should bathe!
(Since I could not remember the last time he had a bath for sure!)

We practiced our Colonel Sanders look!

11:00: We had a little lunch.
(Notice, we are VERY EXCITED to find the mouse on the plate!)
By this time he is really confused why I am STILL taking his picture!

11:30 Halftime, I mean naptime!
(Today he slept from 11:30-2:15)

Naptime is my big adventure...TO THE MAILBOX!

Naptime is also when I got some quality time with my portfolio.
I really knocked out some Entry 1 today! Way to go me!

2:15: So excited to be awake! I was excited to see him too!

The question is:
Did you grow while you were sleeping?
He looks so BIG!

3:00 We went to see our friend Jack!
I had a meeting at school and Jack's mommy watched the big guy!

Jack showed us how to use his new vacuum!

These boys don't need sunshine to mow or go for wagon rides!

5:30 We had to say goodbye and THANK YOU to Jack!
It was so much fun!

6:15 Dinner!
Quite the buffett of peanut butter crackers, peaches, pretzels & carrots!

6:45: Took a walk in Daddy's shoes.
(It kind of looks like he is skiing for gold!)

7:00 Jammies and some kitchen dancing to our fridge DJ.

7:30 **Kisses** all around and time for bed.

Night Night big guy!
So there you have it folks! Our day play by play! Exciting I know. I really do have so much fun staying home with him. We don't get much done, but we sure do enjoy it. We still do not know if we get to do it again tomorrow or not! We shall see! If we do have school, I hope my 3rd graders want to play cars and watch Elmo, because that is about all I know how to do these days!
Gotta go watch Idol! Night!!
~ Abby

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Play Dough Adventure!

Yesterday, I tested my mad mommy skills and made homemade play dough. I found a great website: and found many different kinds of play dough recipes to make. I had to find one that was edible being that the big man LOVES to put things in his mouth! The other challenge was to find the one with things we had in the pantry and I did.

What you need:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 pkg. kool-aid mix
3 tsp of cream of tarter (we used 1 1/2 tsp vinegar)
1 cup water
1 tbs cooking oil

You mix all dry before adding wet ingredients. Then cook on the stove until dough forms. After dough forms, you place on a bread board or the counter and knead until smooth. Once it cools enjoy! Then you can store it in an airtight container for more fun later!

It was successful and we enjoyed it! The fun lasted all of 20 minutes before we were on to the next activity! However, it does keep so we will be playing with it again. If you try it or have a better one let me know. We are always open to new snow day activities around here.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Post # 1 on Snow Day #999

So today is yet ANOTHER snow day. The little guy and I are home again. We got about four inches of snow last night and we are expected to get more tonight. I should be using this nap time to work on my portfolio, instead I am giving in to my obsession with other blogs and start my own!
I have become quite addicted to reading blogs lately. I find it fun, entertaining and VERY informative. I have been toying with the idea of doing my own, so here we go. We will see how long this lasts.

The little man just turned 20 months old and he is so much fun right now. I want to keep up with everything he is doing and I thought this might be a fun way to do it. Right now he is sick. He has a little cough, stuffy nose and talks like he just smoked a pack. He is quite entertaining to listen to. Because of the snow I cannot take him to Lexington to the doctor, so I called this morning and they told me to give him Mucinex for kids. WHO KNEW!? I had no idea he could take anything. So thankful that my wonderful husband went out and got us some. The little man took it like a champ and now is napping like one too! I hope this works and he is all better soon. His voice is funny to hear, but I would prefer him well!

Alright, I guess I should try to write a little bit of my paper before he wakes up! I promise to jazz this blog up a bit when I get more time. I have asked Leslie from Lambert's Lately to help me with this so watch out!

I hope you enjoyed post #1 from me at home on snow day #999.

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