Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amazingly gross, yet AWESOME must have!

I LOVE getting mail. I mean I LOVE, LOVE getting mail. In college when I got an orange card (at GC an orange card meant you had a box!) in my mailbox I was simply over the moon. That meant mom had baked cookies, mailed me some Simply Salsa, cash or something equally as exciting. Since college my love of getting the mail has not ceased. Now I look forward to great deals I scored on Ebay, Etsy, or a fabulous Gymboree or Pottery Barn Kids online clearance sale. But today was a new day! My priorities have changed over the last 20 months, and today was proof of that. Today I got home to find a package in my mailbox. It is something so great and wonderful I had to share it. It is something that will change my life. IT IS....
What is the NoseFrida you ask? I had read about it in a few parenting magazines and one day during our many snow days I googled it. I was so enthralled I decided to order it. I am so glad I did. As some of you know Clark has been a little under the weather lately and this tool is just what every mom in my situation needs! (Seriously, no one is paying me for this!) I loved it so much I thought you all might want to know about it too, and it just so happens that I have a cute model who will demonstrate the wonderfulness of this new product for you!

In this picture C is demonstrating the mom (or dad) role in the NoseFrida.

Now C is demonstrating the baby (or in this case big boy) role in the NoseFrida.

Here is the closest I could get to the package so you could read all the information.

This is the full product. The reason for all my excitement!


So, in case you have not figured it out yet it is a SNOT SUCKER! Gross I know, but it works. It does not irritate their little nose and it is VERY effective. Much more affective than the aspirator bulbs. I think this is going to change life as we know it in the Snyder house. Don't worry, you can thank me later once you try it!! :) YOUR WELCOME! ha!


Since I was telling you all about my new favorite thing. I thought I would share this adorable picture of my cute boy and one of his favorite things!
C and his BFF Elmo!


  1. I am going to have to get me one!!!! One question, do you have to suck it out from your mouth??

    Love it and love the cute little model!

  2. Kaelin Thanks & YOU NEED IT!
    Yes, you suck it from your mouth...but there is a filter in the bottom of the blue barrel that does not allow the "gunk" to go up the tube. All that goes through the tube is your air. It sounds like it would be SO GROSS, but it is very sanitary and IT WORKS!

  3. LOVE your post Abby...and your model of course! Here's to clean noses!

  4. That is awesome! I am having Amy look at it now!


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