Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cutest Egg Hunter You Ever Did See!

Today was our MOPS group 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt & C's 1st ever Easter egg hunt! So of course I was excited for him to go. We even practiced hiding eggs and finding them in the living room before we left! I gave him 4 "starter eggs" in his basket before the hunt to boost his confidence for the big event! Well, he sure did look cute and he did enjoy the eggs, but like trick or treat, he wanted to stop after each egg and eat the candy. (Note to self...Now & Laters are not a good idea. LOTS OF DROOL all over adorable sweater!) He ran around in the field and enjoyed being around the other kids and I got some pretty cute shots!

I took about 30 and thought I would share a few of my favs.
He even got to wear shorts for the first time of the season. I thought it would be a good idea to break them in since he will be wearing them a lot next week while we are in FL! That is right FL!! Next week is my Spring Break and Clark and I are flying to FL to stay with my grandma. She lives in a little retirement community in Winter Haven. My momma is going to be there too and hoefully we will do a whole lot of nothing. Maybe a little pool time and possibly a one day adventure to somewhere Mickey in Orlando. We shall see. But until then, I need to wrap up this week in 3rd grade, celebrate Easter and pack!

Told ya! Is he not THE CUTEST Egg Hunter EVER???

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Name that Animal!

So, we bought an adorable Noah's Ark Little People set at the Take Two consignment sale this weekend. We have been practicing all the animal names and he really has Zebra. "ZEEBA" is pretty cute and I make him say it whenever I get the chance, but we do have one problem. THIS ANIMAL!! Any ideas or suggestions what the bear like creature with the little Afro, green snail on his behind and braided tail is? We give up but would love your help. Bearlike creature with Afro and braided tail is a little difficult for even my budding genius to say & mommy does not know what sound that animal makes! ha!


So Clark got a NEW CAR at the consignment sale this weekend. It did belong to my friend Lisa and her adorable triplets. He LOVES it but there is one problem... He can't make it go! He loves to sit in it, pretend to drive it and even push it around, but he has yet to master the Fred Flinstone and make it go! Hopefully with some practice this skill will come. But until then, it sure is fun to watch him try!

We are so excited for outdoor play weather. I will keep you posted if there is any change in the driving ability. But for now, Pushing works!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy Weekend & Bear Building

This weekend was CRAZY!!
I think I sat down one time...maybe. Friday and Saturday I was at our MOPS Consignment Sale from earlier than 7am-later both days and I left at 11:00ish pm on Saturday. It was so much fun, got lots of cute stuff for C, I met lots of people and it was our BIGGEST SALE YET!! We got it all set up, items sold and torn down in 3 days. I had so much help from all my MOPS mommies and I am already looking forward to the sale in August.
So, as I said- I did not leave that church until 11:00 Saturday night and I had to be at my NB mentor meeting in Paris (20 or so mins. away) at 8:00am Sunday morning. I watched the other girl in my group box and get her portfolio ready to mail. Mine however was not ready to mail. I only have a few last minute things to do, but I will have it mailed by Friday. (fingers crossed).
I got home from Paris at about 1:00 to find that my good little boys had gone to church on their own! (I was very impressed. Well, I was very impressed with Stuart anyway. He was with Clark nonstop from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon while I had this crazy weekend.- HE IS THE BEST)
After church, Clark napped, I showered and then we headed to the Fayette Mall in Lexington for a his buddy Layton's 2nd birthday. We got to experience Build A Bear and it was fun! The kids were so cute with their little animals. Clark made a "puppy" and we named him Big Cuz and gave him a UK bandanna. So cute!! We got home from the party(and some mall shopping) at about 6:00 and I was SOOO ready for bed. I worked on some NB stuff, checked email and talked to my husband for the first time in what seemed like forever and went to bed way early. It was quite the weekend.

This weekend is just as exciting as I have 4 Rags Land parties, headed to mom and dad's and mailing that portfolio! Gotta Love March!! :) Enjoy the pictures of the adorable boys from the party!

Clark showing me how it all works.

Clark's buddy JACK! He is getting so big!

The gang of TROUBLE!
The cute little blonde in the middle is the BIRTHDAY BOY!
Do you not LOVE Clark's shirt!! He did not need a name tag!

Each guest got to put a heart with a wish in Layton's bunny!

Clark and Big Cuz. He had such a good time, and I was glad to be there with him after not seeing him all weekend. I am so glad he still LOVES me!
I just adore this kid!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


March Madness means so much more to me than basketball this year!

My March has been jam packed with baby showers, wedding showers, finishing my National Board portfolio, running a consignment sale, Rags Land bookings and birthday parties! This weekend is our BIG consignment sale for our MOPS group and I am the coordinator. Shopping consignment is my favorite thing to do, so I love this job, but this weekend is jam packed. We have no school tomorrow (THANK GOODNESS), but I am working consignor drop off ALL DAY, Saturday is the sale , and Sunday morning at 8:00 I am supposed to have my portfolio ready to pack up with my mentor group, followed by a 2 year old birthday party at BuildABear. I do not know how to do just one thing at a time! ha!

So, I doubt I will have any time for basketball watching, but my guys will watch enough for all of doubt about that!
Enjoy these pics of my little WILDCAT and come shop our sale this weekend!
I will be there from sun up until sun down!!



This one just makes me laugh!! He is a very cute little fan isn't he?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eating Machine!

So, Clark has been eating and eating and eating this week! I cannot keep him satisfied. It is unreal the amount of food this child has put away! At Kroger on Saturday he ate 3 packages of fruit snacks from the cart, 2 snack sized baggies of apple slices and grapes, crackers and a granola bar! That was before we had even hit aisle 8!!

Yesterday he walked in the door from the babysitter yelling "EAT, EAT!" So I put him in his chair thinking he could have a snack while I cooked dinner and we might actually all eat together! Well, Clark had a different idea. I began browning meat and he was snacking on Cheddar Chex mix, and a Gerber granola bar. Once he had finished that, he began screaming for "KIX MOMMA!", so I gave him a tiny handful of Cheerios (because to him all cereal is Kix). This did not satisfy the monster and he continued to scream for more. I told him he needed to wait for dinner and I get him down from the highchair and direct him to his fridge magnets. I was hoping he would play with the carwash and FridgeDJ while I fixed dinner. I am at the stove adding pasta to the boiling water to see him run by with a bag of chips! No, I am not kidding. He got into the pantry and got out a bag of tortilla chips and ran into the living room with Barney at his heels!
This kid cannot be stopped! He polished off that bag with help from his furry big brother and then opened the fridge and says "DORA!", as he points to the Dora yogurt. So, I am thinking well Dora yogurt is better than chips, he could use something remotely healthy so I put him back in the chair with the yogurt. He eats that, and puts lots of it in his hair, and I finish dinner. Eventually Stuart gets home, I bathe Clark and Stuart does jammies. He is clean, and would think!
As soon as Stuart and I sat down to eat our pasta, Clark yells! He sticks his hand in Stuart's bowl and begs for some! SERIOUSLY!!! He ate several bites of pasta from both of us and then wanted milk!! IS THIS NORMAL?

I am beginning to get concerned! ha. How will I afford him at 16?
Should I just tell him no and let him scream? Is this a phase?
Does he have a hollow leg? This has been quite an experience!
Does anyone have advice on the situation??

The chip thief in action!

The chip thief and his accomplice!

This boy can eat!

Friday, March 12, 2010

21 Months...REALLY?

Clark, you are 21 months old today. 21 MONTHS...REALLY! That sounds so big to me. You are getting to be so big, so smart and so funny! We really do enjoy listening to you, watching you and seeing you interact with your "big brother" Barney. So in celebration of this 21 month birthday I am going to make a list of all of the fun words you are saying these days because I know that too soon these days will pass and I want to remember this time. So here goes...

Family: momma, mommy, daddo, dadda, Mimi (aka Barney), papaw

Food: apple, nanna, cacker (cracker), chips, cookie, Kix (all cereal is Kix), mik (milk), cheese, juice, yogurt, hot dog (but usually only in reference to The Hot Dog dance)

Everyday: up peese (please), night night, bye bye, NO, yes, mine, bath, shoe, sock, shirt, teeth, brush, uh-oh, Woah!, ohno!, EAT!,eyes, nose, mouth, ears, pee pee, biper (diaper), stuck, ack (yuck), outside, all done

Important things: ELMO, car, truck, bus, Dora, Diowa (dinosaur), Guy Guys (Wiggles), choochoo, box, Mouse (Mickey Mouse), horse, book, dog, cat, ball, puppy, Jack, Dew(Drew), and most of your friends names from Mrs. Bonnie's house!

If I think of more I will add them later! You are loving learning new words. You know letters A, B,C, D, T, & X, you also know the number 2. You can respond to things and understand nearly everything we say. You love to throw trash away, help with laundry and put dishes away. I am so thankful for DVR, because we can DVR Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we are gone all day because you LOVE to watch it as soon as we get home in the afternoons. It is ADORABLE to hear you say "MOUSE" and get so excited when he comes on! But, I will have to say the funniest thing you do these days is try to ride your "brother" Barney like a horse. You get right up next to him and say "hawse, hawse", when he is laying down you are on his back! It is priceless and Barney does not care one bit! You have been known to watch an entire episode of MMCH on his back! I cannot believe you are almost 2!! I had better get to plannin' on this party. I had your last one planned by now! You are asleep now, but I can't wait for you to wake up to see if you've grown bigger during the night, because you tend to do that these days, ha! & I bought you some CUTE summer stuff at a consignment sale tonight that I want to try on you! :)

Happy 21 months big boy!
Love- Momma

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Weekend

March 4th was Stuart's 28th birthday. This was the 8th birthday I have celebrated with him. I just love that guy. He makes me laugh and can usually brighten my day no matter how bad it has been. So, to celebrate his birthday we went to Malone's. We had reservations and had plans to meet some of his (our) friends there. My mom came in to watch Clark and I even had a good friend make him an SEC cake. We were excited for a night out, and Stuart's excitement only grew when we walked into the restaurant. We had no more than walked in the door, when we saw COACH CAL. (IF you are unaware, Coach Cal is the coach of our UK men's basketball team, which in KY = HUGE celebrity) Stuart tried to contain himself while he immediately texted everyone he knew! We sat down to learn many players and former players were there too, so we did have lots of "star" sightings during dinner which made for good conversation. Most of our friends made their usual late arrivals, but eventually we got to see everyone and had a good meal with good friends. We celebrated with many of the same people we did 8 years ago for his 21st & most of them still act the same! I ordered Stuart tickets to The Memorial golf tournament in Ohio, got him an SEC cake and invited the whole UK basketball team to his party. I think I earned enough gold stars to last me a few months! ha!
Below are some pics from our lovely evening.

Stuart and Brett being Stuart and Brett.
No big surprises here.
Happy Birthday Stuart.

Don't you just love this cake?
AND it tasted great too!

One of my favorite people on this earth- Seth!

Seth and DT- These guys really are too much.

LOVE this picture of The Sloans.

So, Jared and Ashley have an adorable couple picture and this is what we get! ha!
This is me telling Brett to behave and get out of the picture!
Well, I guess I was right...Not much has changed in the last 8 years.
Time to cut the yummy cake. I made Ashley cut it, I was a little scared I would ruin it.

A great time was had by all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BUSY WEEK- Little time for words.

This week (err... MONTH) is super busy for me. I have many
things going on, but this cute kid directly to the right always
makes me stop and smile! I just love him so much. He makes
our days brighter and we are SO BLESSED to have him in our life. Stuart and I are both stressed with deadlines and work (prayers appreciated), but coming home to this makes things just disappear. Just look at that face, how could you not be absolutely in love with all he does! Thanks Clark for being you and for letting us be your mommy & daddy!


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