Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eating Machine!

So, Clark has been eating and eating and eating this week! I cannot keep him satisfied. It is unreal the amount of food this child has put away! At Kroger on Saturday he ate 3 packages of fruit snacks from the cart, 2 snack sized baggies of apple slices and grapes, crackers and a granola bar! That was before we had even hit aisle 8!!

Yesterday he walked in the door from the babysitter yelling "EAT, EAT!" So I put him in his chair thinking he could have a snack while I cooked dinner and we might actually all eat together! Well, Clark had a different idea. I began browning meat and he was snacking on Cheddar Chex mix, and a Gerber granola bar. Once he had finished that, he began screaming for "KIX MOMMA!", so I gave him a tiny handful of Cheerios (because to him all cereal is Kix). This did not satisfy the monster and he continued to scream for more. I told him he needed to wait for dinner and I get him down from the highchair and direct him to his fridge magnets. I was hoping he would play with the carwash and FridgeDJ while I fixed dinner. I am at the stove adding pasta to the boiling water to see him run by with a bag of chips! No, I am not kidding. He got into the pantry and got out a bag of tortilla chips and ran into the living room with Barney at his heels!
This kid cannot be stopped! He polished off that bag with help from his furry big brother and then opened the fridge and says "DORA!", as he points to the Dora yogurt. So, I am thinking well Dora yogurt is better than chips, he could use something remotely healthy so I put him back in the chair with the yogurt. He eats that, and puts lots of it in his hair, and I finish dinner. Eventually Stuart gets home, I bathe Clark and Stuart does jammies. He is clean, and full...one would think!
As soon as Stuart and I sat down to eat our pasta, Clark yells! He sticks his hand in Stuart's bowl and begs for some! SERIOUSLY!!! He ate several bites of pasta from both of us and then wanted milk!! IS THIS NORMAL?

I am beginning to get concerned! ha. How will I afford him at 16?
Should I just tell him no and let him scream? Is this a phase?
Does he have a hollow leg? This has been quite an experience!
Does anyone have advice on the situation??

The chip thief in action!

The chip thief and his accomplice!

This boy can eat!


  1. He is probably just having a growth spurt and needs the food. At least you are feeding him healthy food. No, you will not be able to afford food to fill him up when he is 16... Fellows are eating machines!!!

  2. He is so focused!!

  3. I have a huge eater too! She is a 19 month old! It is normal! maybe a growth spurt??


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