Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Weekend

March 4th was Stuart's 28th birthday. This was the 8th birthday I have celebrated with him. I just love that guy. He makes me laugh and can usually brighten my day no matter how bad it has been. So, to celebrate his birthday we went to Malone's. We had reservations and had plans to meet some of his (our) friends there. My mom came in to watch Clark and I even had a good friend make him an SEC cake. We were excited for a night out, and Stuart's excitement only grew when we walked into the restaurant. We had no more than walked in the door, when we saw COACH CAL. (IF you are unaware, Coach Cal is the coach of our UK men's basketball team, which in KY = HUGE celebrity) Stuart tried to contain himself while he immediately texted everyone he knew! We sat down to learn many players and former players were there too, so we did have lots of "star" sightings during dinner which made for good conversation. Most of our friends made their usual late arrivals, but eventually we got to see everyone and had a good meal with good friends. We celebrated with many of the same people we did 8 years ago for his 21st & most of them still act the same! I ordered Stuart tickets to The Memorial golf tournament in Ohio, got him an SEC cake and invited the whole UK basketball team to his party. I think I earned enough gold stars to last me a few months! ha!
Below are some pics from our lovely evening.

Stuart and Brett being Stuart and Brett.
No big surprises here.
Happy Birthday Stuart.

Don't you just love this cake?
AND it tasted great too!

One of my favorite people on this earth- Seth!

Seth and DT- These guys really are too much.

LOVE this picture of The Sloans.

So, Jared and Ashley have an adorable couple picture and this is what we get! ha!
This is me telling Brett to behave and get out of the picture!
Well, I guess I was right...Not much has changed in the last 8 years.
Time to cut the yummy cake. I made Ashley cut it, I was a little scared I would ruin it.

A great time was had by all.

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