Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BUSY WEEK- Little time for words.

This week (err... MONTH) is super busy for me. I have many
things going on, but this cute kid directly to the right always
makes me stop and smile! I just love him so much. He makes
our days brighter and we are SO BLESSED to have him in our life. Stuart and I are both stressed with deadlines and work (prayers appreciated), but coming home to this makes things just disappear. Just look at that face, how could you not be absolutely in love with all he does! Thanks Clark for being you and for letting us be your mommy & daddy!



  1. I will put you in my prayers... I know how busy life is and just how precious it is to get home to your sanctuary!!! Clark is blessed to have you as his mommy :-)

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Your little guy is the cutest! It looks like our toddlers have a lot in common - as I'm sure you quickly figured out from my blog, our little girl loves all things Sesame Street...particularly Elmo!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love to hear from fellow teachers. Your little guy is too precious!


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