Friday, March 12, 2010

21 Months...REALLY?

Clark, you are 21 months old today. 21 MONTHS...REALLY! That sounds so big to me. You are getting to be so big, so smart and so funny! We really do enjoy listening to you, watching you and seeing you interact with your "big brother" Barney. So in celebration of this 21 month birthday I am going to make a list of all of the fun words you are saying these days because I know that too soon these days will pass and I want to remember this time. So here goes...

Family: momma, mommy, daddo, dadda, Mimi (aka Barney), papaw

Food: apple, nanna, cacker (cracker), chips, cookie, Kix (all cereal is Kix), mik (milk), cheese, juice, yogurt, hot dog (but usually only in reference to The Hot Dog dance)

Everyday: up peese (please), night night, bye bye, NO, yes, mine, bath, shoe, sock, shirt, teeth, brush, uh-oh, Woah!, ohno!, EAT!,eyes, nose, mouth, ears, pee pee, biper (diaper), stuck, ack (yuck), outside, all done

Important things: ELMO, car, truck, bus, Dora, Diowa (dinosaur), Guy Guys (Wiggles), choochoo, box, Mouse (Mickey Mouse), horse, book, dog, cat, ball, puppy, Jack, Dew(Drew), and most of your friends names from Mrs. Bonnie's house!

If I think of more I will add them later! You are loving learning new words. You know letters A, B,C, D, T, & X, you also know the number 2. You can respond to things and understand nearly everything we say. You love to throw trash away, help with laundry and put dishes away. I am so thankful for DVR, because we can DVR Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we are gone all day because you LOVE to watch it as soon as we get home in the afternoons. It is ADORABLE to hear you say "MOUSE" and get so excited when he comes on! But, I will have to say the funniest thing you do these days is try to ride your "brother" Barney like a horse. You get right up next to him and say "hawse, hawse", when he is laying down you are on his back! It is priceless and Barney does not care one bit! You have been known to watch an entire episode of MMCH on his back! I cannot believe you are almost 2!! I had better get to plannin' on this party. I had your last one planned by now! You are asleep now, but I can't wait for you to wake up to see if you've grown bigger during the night, because you tend to do that these days, ha! & I bought you some CUTE summer stuff at a consignment sale tonight that I want to try on you! :)

Happy 21 months big boy!
Love- Momma

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