Monday, February 27, 2012

Target Withdraws.

I LOVE me some Target. I can never go into that place and come out empty handed. It makes my soul happy. Really. How can it be that much better than any other place, not sure. I just love it. Love the dollar spot, love the clothes, love the seasonal, the home goods. Love it all. Clark and I use to roam aimlessly through the aisles dropping things in the cart that we did not even know we needed until we got there. It is my happy place.

Totally wish that was me!

We do not have a Target in my town, but there is one 20 minutes up the Interstate in Lexington. It is not far, not hard to get to, but just far enough. I was thinking about it this morning in the shower (again) that I have not been to Target since AUGUST!!! Yes, you read that correctly. I guess that having twins and going back to work has not allowed for me to have the time or energy to get there. Let alone the extra money. Boo! I miss that red cart and that clearance rack!

My life is wonderful, don't get me wrong. However, today I am longing to leave the stack of papers that need graded, not give my babies a bath and have stinky babies for just one more day and head to my happy place. I think they miss me there. I think a diet coke, some popcorn and that red cart are just what I need! That is not too much to ask right??

These are the random thoughts that swim in my head. Could I be more random?

I have decided to link my random Monday afternoon Target daydreaming with Carissa at lowercase letters.
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Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters

Happy Monday.


  1. I'm a big fan of Target, too! I have one in my town right next to a Hyvee and Marshalls! I have to stop myself from buying everything.

  2. I'm thinking I can sneak out of the School Site Council Meeting early and hop into Target right before the next rain downpour hits.
    Gotta have popcorn too.

    You're right. Sometimes you just NEED Target!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. I cannot imagine! Our Target is literally three minutes away and I am there at least twice a week. Though, my hubby would be a fan if I didn't go for a few months! :)

  4. LOVE Target! I have a gift card there but I feel so much pressure when I get there and can't decide what to buy haha.

  5. Hi -- I just found your blog and am your newest cute. I also teach and blog about both teaching and my family :o)
    Come check me out sometime. :o)
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After


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