Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eat Your Veggies!

This weekend was a big deal for a certain set of sweeties. On Saturday Sara Kate and I got up early and headed to the grocery store since we had ZERO food in this house. When we were there we picked up some veggies for my first attempt at making baby food. The babies will be six months old in a few days and I thought this weekend seemed like the right time to try it. I did not make baby food with Clark, I loved shopping for it and picking out new flavors. I thought it was so much fun. This time around I wanted to attempt it myself. So that is just what I did.

It was her first time at Kroger.
Look! She loved it.
As you can see by the buried baby in the full cart, we picked up quite a few things, but we also picked up some sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, carrots and Lima beans. When we got home I started with the potatoes and squash. Not sure why, but I was so excited to try this. 

First, I peeled and cut up all the veggies. No, I did not cut them beautifully.
 (This was my first time to cut a butternut squash as you can tell)

Next, I used these handy bags to steam the veggies.

Then, I used my mom's hand-me-down food processor.
(thanks mom!)

After I had it at just the right consistency I spooned it into ice cube trays.

It was so easy! Two potatoes and two squash made 48 cubes of food! I really hope I keep this up. I can't wait to make the carrots, peas and Lima beans. I will also be trying some fruit but we wanted to do veggies first. However, I would not recommend putting all of the peels down the disposal at once- slight clog, plunger needed, helpful husband to the rescue.

We let them try sweet potatoes this afternoon and it was so funny how different their reactions were. Sara Kate LOVED it. She lunged forward like it was the best thing that she had ever seen.(very much like her momma!) She eventually grabbed the spoon from my hand to get it in her mouth faster.  She even wiped the leftovers off Shepard's face and ate that too. No joke.

Shepard was not so excited. He just kind of stared at the spoon for a while, barely opened his mouth and then kind of let it sit there in his mouth. He was so funny. SK was angry that I was not giving it to her quick enough and he could take it or leave it.(very much like his daddy) He may take a few more tries to get him interested. He was happy about the whole ordeal, just not excited.

It was quite fun. I am going to keep up with the sweet potatoes this week. Giving them some after the 1:00 feeding and the 5:00 feeding. Next, I will try the squash. Today they split one cube at each meal time. So it was just a taste, but soon I will try to give them each one whole cube. I dumped the ice cube trays into Ziploc bags and labeled them in the freezer.This way each morning I will just get out what they will eat that day to thaw so it will be ready to eat when they are. Anybody else have any tips for this process? If so, please feel free to share. It has been awhile since I did this whole process with Clark and the whole make your own food is new to me so good ideas are welcome!

We are under a winter weather advisory tonight and I am not going to lie, I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow to get all caught up on things. But for now. I will leave you with one more cute picture from our first veggie experience. 


  1. I can't believe she's feeding herself!! haha! And the grocery pic is hilarious! I've only done the grocery once...very crazy!! I like how you made your food. I will try to attempt that too, I think. Or I may just be lazy and buy it. Who knows!

  2. I love that you're doing this! Although we're not there yet, I plan to make my own baby food when that time comes. Keep us updated!

  3. I had great intentions on making my own baby food for Monkey, but I never got motivated enough to actually do it. Maybe the third time around will be different?? You motivate me! PS. Cutest little tykes EVER!

  4. OMG I am addicted to making baby food! I blame this primarily on you sweet blog friend. Your instagram pic convinced me to finally buy those peas and get started with all my good intentions! I don't know why I am enjoying it so much but I just can't stop! I've made peas, squash, sweet potatoes and bananas so far. Love your sweet baby pics!

  5. These pictures are soooo cute! My sis inlay made baby food for her little ones and did just like you are doing. Implan to do this for home but our daycare has strict rules about it coming in sealed jars etc! I could likely buy containers but likely still wouldnt be able to use it with rules! :(. She eventually purée whatever they had at mealtime? Leftovers and put up or combo meals when her kids were older. Like spagetti, lasagna, meats(adding stock or water for consistency) anything they had had the parts od wihtout allergy....she fed them. She labeled and they traveled well too. So impressed by you.
    In took all three of mine to grocery store for few items this week. Boy not much room in buggy with TWO u can imagine! Full up!!

  6. I love that your sweeties were down to diapers on the first feed! I did that for the first (okay LOTS) of feeds, and my mom thought I was so silly! But, what ever works in this wild world, right!!! Kuddos to you for making their food...I really wanted to, but once I bought the first jars, it was too easy :) And the shopping for new flavors is fun for mommy!


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