Monday, March 12, 2012

The Big 3-0!

On Sunday March 4th, Stuart finally caught up to me and hit the BIG 3-0! In my mind I have always looked forward to 30. Call me crazy, but I always thought it would be a time in my life when I would have some direction, be settled and know where my life was headed. Well, now that I am 30 I know that my life will always be headed in a new direction, I will never be one to settle and who knows where this life is headed. I will say that 30 has been wonderful to me. There is not one thing in my life worth complaining about. Is it perfect? Now way! But I am happy, I am content, I have THREE beautiful children, a loving husband and things are good. So, no I was not sad to turn 30 but I did always think I would have a big party to celebrate the big day. That all changed when I delivered twins 2 weeks before my 30th birthday. But who could have asked for a better present?!

So, when Stuart finally caught up and decided to turn 30 I wanted him to have a party! He deserves it. He is such a hard worker and a great daddy. I wanted him to have some fun times with his buddies to celebrate this event. So I reserved some tables at the restaurant in our neighborhood, called some of his buddies and ordered a cake. I did not however order the tornadic weather that occurred Friday, on the day of the party. ugh. Yes, the day of his party was the day we had terrible storms. So bad that school was let out early and Stuart, me, Clark, Shep,SaraKate and Barney were all tucked in nicely into the closet under our stairs for a short while. We were safe, thank the Lord, but the party had to be rescheduled. We ended up having it the next night and most of his friends could still make it.
Of course we had a good time.
Of course I took pictures (on my phone and they are not the best- and I did not get everyone).
Of course I love this 30 year old husband of mine.

LOVE this cake. Notice the 3 goggles! :) 3-0.

How do we look for a couple of 30 year olds?
(Please ignore the red eyes)

The Proctors.

Brett (oh jeez) & Holly

1/2 of the Proctors and Seth.

Stuart's parents joined us too!

It was a fun evening celebrating Stuart. We closed the place down, enjoyed good food, good friends and time with each other. Happy 30th Birthday to my guy.

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