Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was one for celebrating. This weekend my sweet husband turned 29. I have had a rough week- R-O-U-G-H. I was hoping that Friday would be a quick one at school and I would feel like myself again by Friday night so that I could celebrate with my boys. Thankfully my wish came true. Friday was a quick day at school, after school Clark and I headed to Lexington to the Little Lambs Consignment sale where we managed to pick up a few good deals like some super cute Kelly's Kids swimming trunks, and a Hanna Andersson jacket just to name a few.We then met my friend Libby because she works at Keeneland and helped us out by picking up the Vineyard Vines tie S wanted for his birthday and I was so excited to share in her discount. Since we were on Tates Creek Road and it was 6:00 at this point, I decided to call into Malone's for some dinner to-go. Stuart approved and so I picked up some yummy Lexingtonian salads and sushi and we headed home to celebrate. Stuart only had to work a half day and got to play some golf so his day had been great so far. We got home and made him a special birthday table and just enjoyed a quiet dinner at home.

The Birthday Boy's seat.
Complete with his own box of GS cookies.

Yummy cupcakes C and I picked up from a lovely local- SugarMama's Cupcakes!

The birthday meal was complete with entertainment by a local drummer.

 On Saturday we were invited to a tractor themed birthday party at the Fire Station. Let's just say that Clark could not have been more excited! It was a 2 year old boy's wonderland and we enjoyed spending the afternoon celebrating sweet Lawsen and playing with all his cool toys.

And we wrapped up our Saturday back at Malone's to celebrate with the entire Snyder family. We enjoyed a long meal of chatting, news sharing, and LOTS of food. It was very enjoyable evening celebrating Stuart.
The Birthday Boy and The Wild Man.
I wish you all understood how hard it is to get a picture of these two and all 4 eyes be open.

Grandpa Snyder.

Uncle Stephen.

Grammy and Clark.

This weekend has been just what I needed. It is now time to begin thinking about the week ahead. As you might have guessed it- Clark is napping and S is at the gym and I am preparing for school tomorrow. My new student teacher begins this week so I will be heading over to school soon to make sure I have my act together and things are all ready for her to begin her time in our little classroom.

I hope you all have had a restful weekend and maybe even did a little celebrating of your own.
Hope it is a GREAT week for all.

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