Sunday, March 20, 2011

Restful Weekend.

First of all THANK YOU so much for all of your kind words and well wishes. We are so thrilled about our news and still trying to wrap our heads around it all. I am taking it one day at a time. I have still been very sick- VERY sick. But one dehydration check at the doctor this week led me to a RX of Zofran dissolveable tablets. It seems to be working! I am keeping some things down and able to make it through the day at school. Never mind that the 30 pills cost $85.00 due to the fact that my insurance will only cover 12 a month. 12! I can take up to 8 a day (I only take 2- to make them last) and they will only cover 12. I am going to work on this little problem tomorrow  by making some phone calls to my doctor and my insurance company.

Because of this magic, gold coated pill I have been able to do a few more things. Friday we were out of school and my little guy and I could not have been happier about it.  We made a trek to the library for story time followed by a lunch date with Mindy and Drew at McDonald's. It was a lovely day and one that was well needed. It made me very excited for our upcoming Spring Break.  Other than that trip on Friday our weekend has been pretty low key. Friday night we ordered pizza and watched basketball. Saturday we went to a birthday party and watched basketball, and today we went to church, some open houses and continued to watch basketball.  I have caught quite a few naps and way too many episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and am hoping that this restful weekend is just what we all needed to make it through another week. Here are some pics from our lovely, lazy weekend.

This pretty much sums up our weekend!

This kid is AMAZING at seek and find books.
He was finding Waldo way faster than I could.

My big boy at the library.

Just posing at Zuckerman's farm.

Parachute fun at story time.

We planted seeds and colored after story time.
Fun Friday times.
 It is now 10:30 and I am off to bed.
Here's hoping for a great week for all!!


  1. Congratulations on baby #2!!

  2. So glad you're feeling better! Love the caterpillar picture!

  3. Hi! I found your blog through a comment on another blog. I just typed out a big comment and it gave me an error, so this is short and sweet. Sorry you're sick but the Zofran is a great thing. I teach too, in MS, and we only get 12 paid for too. From what I understand, we are lucky we get any paid for b/c some cancer patients can't even get it.

    I will be checking back in on you, just because it's nice to read of other Mom's going through the same things. Congrats and hopefully that sickness will not last too much longer. I haven' been sick at all but was deathly sik with my first.

  4. Congrats, Abby! Been wanting to check and see how you're feeling... Hopefully the 2nd trimester will be easier. So happy for you!!!

  5. Oh, Abby, congratulations on your big news! I'm so very excited for you, and hope you feel better soon. It's rough to have morning sickness and run after a toddler at the same time - trust me, I know, been there and done that! Looks like you all have had a great weekend, and I agree - Go Cats!!


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