Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacher Talk Thursday


I wanted to share a project that we are working on in my classroom. I love to scrapbook, but have not been doing it very long. I started right before Clark was born and I only do it at weekend scraps or all night events. Because I am new to the scrapping world I love to get new ideas from professionals. So for some inspiration  I read Becky Higgins blog. She is a super scrapper among other things and shared an idea that I caught last year about scrapbooks she was working on with her son's class and I thought it was a wonderful idea! I am always rushing at the end of the year to create memory books for my kids so I thought her idea was brilliant. So at the beginning of the year I sent out an email to all the parents that signed up at open house saying they wanted to help in the classroom. I sent a link to Becky's idea and asked if anyone would be willing to help with our classroom scrapbooks. It was a once or twice a month commitment and I would provide all the materials. I was lucky enough to have a mother and grandmother team volunteer!! The best news was they were scrapbookers and were so excited to take on the project. They have taken it much further than I imagined. We do a page a month and they have added so many creative additions to it. So at the end of the year the kids will have a book that documents each month of third grade. I really hope at least most of them will appreciate it- SOMEDAY anyway.

Here is how it works-
  • Collect materials needed. You will need card stock, double sided tape, page protectors, templates and embellishments if you are going to use them. I keep these in one spot so they are available when my volunteers can come in to help.
  • Make a plan of upcoming events and when/who will take pictures of the kids.
  • Take the pictures and have them printed.
  • Make a schedule of when the volunteer can come in to assist the kids with their page of the month.
  • Prep all materials so they are ready for the kids to help with time when the kids are working. (Because my volunteers are scrappers they usually do all the prep work! I don't expect this will EVER happen again, so I am making an extra book for me to use as a sample next year.)
  • Make sure the book will include their version of their memories using words, pictures or both.
  • Let them be creative & Have fun!!
Here are some of the materials we started with.

Here are some of the pages we have done so far:

This is our first page.
 I used an individual picture of the kids that I took on the first day.
The journaling box has a spot for their info along with their beginning of the year signature and the end of the year.

One page of our 2 page September spread.
It is from our Agriculture Farm Day Field Trip.

An example of our October spread.
It is all about our Downtown Field Trip.

Here is another cute one from October.

And another one...
For November we talked about our school and our teacher.

I took a picture with each student.
 This was so much fun and they all chose their pose!

This spread did not have much journaling- but they all illustrated and they are so unique.

 Here is the link to BECKY'S BLOG for more info.
Here is the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE.

This really is a fun project and I am so excited to see the final product. Remember, this is my first year to try this. I am learning as I go. So- what do you think?

I now invite you to link up and share something "teachery" with me! What is going on in your classroom- I want to peek! If you don't play along this week come back again. NEXT TIME I have a super fun teacher GIVEAWAY that you will want to get your hands on!


  1. What a darling idea!!! Stashing it away for next year :)

    I'll link up when I get home tonight!!!

  2. That is so cute!
    I have a personal scrapbook for teaching. I just make a 2 page spread for each year. I include our class picture and a few other pictures. And then I make sure every child is pictured (I just cut out little pictures of their heads) with their name, so I can remember them. Even if there are some I'd rather forget.

  3. I like these Teacher Talk Thursdays. I've been looking forward to it all week. :)

    Ms. M

  4. I agree with Ms, M, I love these teacher talk and bloggy ideas! I also do a scrapbook for my kinderagrten students to give out at graduation. They love it and parents come back to me year after year to tell me how special it is. Love your ideas. I will try to take pics and upload for a blog post.

  5. What a cute idea! One of my regrets is that I don't have a scrapbook of my years at Hatcher.

  6. I love this idea!!! I def want to do something like this next year. So cute and something the students will look back on and love!

  7. Love the scrapbook and this idea for a link up!!!

  8. Roxana says, the parent and grandparent volunteers love it too!!!! I wish I had done this 20 years ago! You're "making memories". GREAT!

  9. So cute! I love that the kids are journaling in it.

  10. Hi Friend!

    What a SUPER cute idea!!! :) You better believe I'm storing all these fun ideas for when I actually become a teacher. Love this link up!!!

  11. I know I missed your organizing link up by a couple weeks, but I just found your blog and wanted to participate. Can't wait to come back next week. :-)

  12. Love this...the kids (and parents) will too, what a great keepsake. BTW I came here from Abby's blog b/c of your comment about making a move?? to will love it(I taught it for 6 years) First grade is truly one rewarding year. Good for you to offer/ask :)

  13. Cute! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


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