Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday with a Two Year Old.

Today was just a typical Tuesday around here. It has been a yucky, rainy day and I did have to have some blood drawn, but other than that it has been just fine. Clark and I were greeted with a package on the porch when we got home from school. It was quite exciting for both of us and I LOVED the fact that he was just as excited as I was. Getting the mail is one of my favorite parts of the day and packages on the porch are the best. This package was addressed to Clark. "A present for ME momma?". He could not open it fast enough. What was inside did not disappoint. It was a package from my mom and dad. A special treat for my big boy celebrating the fact that he is POTTY TRAINED. Yes, I said it. POTTY TRAINED. This is day 18 with no diapers and no looking back! So to celebrate this big accomplishment my mom and dad sent him a package full of all things a 2 year old would be excited to get. We are talking fruit snacks, Conversation Hearts, Thomas books, a Mickey Mouse coloring book, paints, and a matchbox car. Good stuff!

Two excited boys!

He could not get it opened fast enough.

The paints provided some entertainment while I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. He painted some lovely pictures of Mickey and maybe his face just a little bit!

We painted, ate dinner, watched some Sprout Channel and played a few games. Clark LOVES doing puzzles on our iPhones. I was cleaning up from dinner and looked out in the living room to Clark laying under Barney doing puzzles on Stuart's phone! ha! So glad I caught a picture. These two are so funny.

Brothers and Best Friends

Now C is in bed, Stuart is at the gym and I am watching Teen Mom 2 and reading your blogs. Just a typical Tuesday around here that was brightened by a package on the porch. Thanks Mom & Dad!!


  1. Who doesn't love packages in the mail? Especially surprise ones! :)

  2. Cute! I hope Macey is as good with the little one around our house as Barney seems to be with Clark!

  3. Yay for 18 days of potty training! Go Clark!

  4. Way to go Clark! :) That accomplishment is very deserving of the surprise package! :)
    (Love the new look of the blog, by the way)

  5. Your pictures are great! Your dog looks a lot like mine. What kind of dog is it? We have a Labradoodle named Charley and we love him. His pic is on my blog. You don't see many dogs that look like him so I was interesred. Love your blog!


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