Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stay Little.

All is quiet in the house, Stuart is at the gym and I am just doing laundry. Oh yes- I did manage to wash a PullUp in the last load. Hooray for gel balls all over everything! ugh. So after that mess was cleaned up I did notice that things were a little too quiet. I walked into the living room to find this guy.

Quietly playing games on my phone. He was so cute all curled up in the chair with his BFF Mickey. So as a grab my camera for a quick picture I could not help but think to myself that one day he will be big. He will soon be texting girls on his own phone and will want nothing to do with me. TEAR. Not sure why these thoughts took over. Could be the fact that he looked SO BIG just lying there, playing games with no help needed. I understand that to you he may seem so little, but to me he is just growing so fast. I just want to bottle up his sweet little voice, his adorable grin and the way he loves his momma so I can drink it up when he is a loud, stinky teenager texting girls and ignoring me. So for now I am going to go attempt to get some snuggles and beg him to stay little forever - that is if I can pull the phone away long enough. ha.



  1. So sweet! They sure do grow up fast!

  2. Sweet boy! My little is turning 2 in April , and I can't believe it! They grow up too fast...I want her to stay little forever....but such is life, right?


  3. He's so handsome!!! Get some little boy snuggles for me too.

  4. I think the same thing about my son all the time!

  5. I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award. Head to my page for directions on what to do next. I love reading about little Clark. he is getting so big!

  6. awww, it amazes me how kids know how to work those phones!


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