Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Play by Play #2

This time last year I was just begining my blog while home on a snow day. One of my very first posts (HERE) was a Snow Day Play by Play and today we are home again and I thought I would do it again since it had been nearly a whole year.  So here  is a peek at what we did all day around this house on our 10th snow day.

9:25- I get up. Yes. 9:25.
Notice C is still snoozing.
Stuart has been up, gone to gym, fixed and eaten breakfast, showered and gone to work.
I am just getting up! ha.
Note: Normally my alarm goes off at 5:30.

10:00- Clark wakes up!
He wakes up DRY and with sweet bedhead!

Yes- Day 7 of NO DIAPERS!!

Candy Cane reward because I was soooo excited that he stayed dry all night.
Yes, a candy cane for breakfast. Dry all night is a big deal people!

11:00- C enjoys some Cheerios during Choo Choo Soul, and I browsed some on Barney waits paitently for some of his own.

12:00- Lunch Break.
On the menu today- Spaghettios and PBJ.

1:00- Naptime.
(He laid in bed talking and singing until about 2:15. Finally goes to sleep around 2:30)

During Naptime- THIS GUY shows up!
Yes, I was soo happy even though he rang the doorbell at about the same time Clark decides to go to sleep.

Ah. My J.Crew order. Made my day.

3:00- Barney is out.

During Naptime- I try on my new J.Crew deals, catch up on emails, play on fb,
read blogs, read from my Nook, load the dishwasher, 2 loads of laundry, read more Nook,
fold said laundry while watching Criminal Minds from DVR, clean microwave,
stove top and counter tops and exciting things like that.

4:15- Daddy comes home and C gets up.

4:30-Get dressed and ready to make the snowman he has been talking about ALL DAY.

Cleaned off car.

Barney LOVED the family snow time.

Mowed the snow.

Quick family picture in snow.
(Do you love my new headband? If so go HERE to get your own.)
He loved every minute of it.
Running in the snow and throwing the snow.

Snow wrestling.

My sweet boy.
5:15- Came in from snow play.

6:15- Eat Dinner.
Chick-Fil-A per Clark's request. Sounded good so we agreed.

7:00- A little book reading.

7:30- A little train playing.

8:00- A little daddo playing.

8:30- turn on tunes. Time for bed.

8:30- Night Night Big Guy!

As you can see we did not get much done today, but it was great to be home with my guy all day. Tonight I am blogging, watching Dateline and snuggling with Stuart. It has been a low key day, will be a low key night and I am loving it. Low key and lazy is not something I do too often so snow days are always a plus in my book. So there you have it. The play by play of our day. 11-21-11

On another note. I am excited that so many of you are excited about Teacher Talk Thursday! If we don't start this Thursday we will begin February 4th so get your ideas ready. The first theme will be classroom organization. What tips can you share on how you organize things in your classroom?  Books, files, paperwork, materials, anything. I am always looking for new ideas on how to keep it all together, so I think this will be a fun place to start. So get your ideas ready!!

Have A GREAT Weekend.


  1. i just realized i wasn't following your blog! so now i have to tell you everything i liked that i saw on today's post! :) your dog is by far the cutest thing. and i love his name. and your little boy is so cute. and i love his name, too! i can't believe you've had TEN snow days! that's nuts! and the headband looks great!! oh and i loved that you had writing above your dog bowls.

  2. I have to agree, snow days are THE best! They're the one "perk" we get! :)

  3. We had another snow day for us too! Congrats on Clark potty training!

  4. Looks like a perfect day to me! I love Barney.

  5. The next time I need to have my snow mowed, I'll know who to call!!! Great blog


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