Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, I got THE TEXT at 5:15 this morning.
Today was our 6th official snow day.

Yes, this means our summer has been shortened 6 days, but it also means I got to have a pancake breakfast with my boy! It was a train track construction, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon, laundry caught up, dishwasher emptied, online window shopping, sweat pant wearing, quality time with my little man kind of day.
 I will take those whenever I can get em' snow or sunshine!
And we get to do it all again tomorrow.


  1. Being from California (where we don't have snow days) I didn't even think that when you guys have snow days, that takes away days from the summer! Your little guy is just adorable! Glad you had a fun snow day with him :)

  2. They take days away from your summer?? That sucks! They don't do that here a snow day is just a good old free pass! It's crazy though, when I was young we were in total shock if we got TWO snow days in one winter season. Last year my baby sister had 17 freakin' snow days.


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