Thursday, January 6, 2011


I need advice. I need your help.

This week C has done a lot of sitting on this...

 And this...

We have tried bribing with these...

Wearing these...

I would LOVE to hear what worked for you or what I need to do. My guy hates to be naked and gets worked up if his pants don't match, let alone not wearing any- so leave those tips out! ha. He is getting too big to hoist up onto the changing table in public and we are almost in the biggest size of diapers. Something must be done and I am open to suggestions. ANYTHING.

(I am in no way trying to rush him. I know he is only a little guy and he will most likely have it mastered before kindergarten- but tonight was a rough one and I am open to new ideas.)

Oh & I am soooooooo over buying these.


  1. If you find the potty fairy, PLEASE let me know!!! We are no where close either!

  2. We got Caleb a "treasure chest" and put it on the back of the potty. Everytime he went he got to get something out of the treasure chest. It really worked for us!

  3. Beck isn't interested either. I decided I am waiting until this summer to really have a go at it. Most mothers of boys that I've talked to have said at least 3 years old! I'm hoping that's a magic number!


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