Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walker, Not the Texas Ranger

Meet the newest member of the Snyder family... WALKER. No, not the Texas Ranger- our elf.

This year we began the fun tradition of using the Elf on a Shelf. If you are not familiar with it, he is a little elf that according to the story visits your house everyday to check on you and report back to Santa each night. So every morning we hunt for Walker to see if he is in the same place or if he really did leave to go see Santa. Walker is usually in a funny place, he is becoming quite a  naughty elf and Clark is loving it.

You get to name your elf and I suggested all kinds of fun names like Otis, Artie, Walter, Nolan but Clark chose Walker. We just spent some time in VA with Stuart's family and Clark LOVED Stuart's cousins Hunter and Walker. Walker was great with Clark and I guess it stuck. So Walker it is.

Walker was eyeballing Clark's gingerbread house!

Rub a Dub Dub. Marshmallow bath for Walker.

We remind Clark ALL.THE.TIME. that Walker is watching him in hopes that he will make good choices and I will say it works MOST of the time. We have even caught him talking to Walker and telling him what he wants for Christmas so Walker will tell Santa. So cute!

The number one elf rule is that you can't touch him or he will lose his magic. This was the hardest part the first few days because Clark was so curious about him. But now he tells us not to touch him. It is so much fun and I just love the idea that we get to do this every year! I just love that it is all so magical to Clark and know that Shepard and Sara Kate will love Walker one day too. (if the poor elf makes it that long!ha!)

We introduced Clark and Walker a few days before Thanksgiving in hopes it would curb a few 3 year old behavior issues we were having and I am glad we did. However, we still have quite a bit of time until Christmas Eve and I hope I can keep up with him and keep finding new spots for him. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I just pinned some good ideas tonight. If you don't have an elf and you have small children The Snyders recommend it. It is our newest tradition and one that I am hoping will produce many fun Christmas memories for our kiddos (and for us too!).

C was not too fond of this spot.
He was a little upset that Walker was playing with his toys.

Wonder where Walker will end up tomorrow?


  1. LOVE IT! And our elf is named Walter, so too funny! Laurelei has loved finding Walter every morning too! I love the Marshmellow bubble bath, I will have to try that one!

  2. K, I have to say I love the elf's name!


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