Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Duo- 2 months

Today our sweet babies are TWO MONTHS OLD. These two months have flown by and I am so thankful for this blog to be able to keep up with many of the things they are up to. If I don't blog about it I will most likely forget. This last month has been packed with fall activities, Halloween, church pictures, a 4 day trip to Virginia with all 3 kids for Stuart's grandmother's funeral and lots more. I am still at home with them and soaking it all up as I have to go back to work after Thanksgiving and I cannot believe it is almost time for all that. This month they have continued to grow so much. I am still nursing and that is going great. I am already planning how and when I can pump at work because I really want to be able to keep this up. They have done so well, not to mention all the money we have saved not buying formula. So I hope I am able to get it all worked out. But- not stressing about it now. I have a few weeks to work on it.

 I think that we are adjusting pretty well to life as a family of five. We have really had no choice. This month we finally made it back to church and we took our first road trip. We packed everyone up for 4 days away from home. 3 nights in hotels and more than 20 hours in the car as we traveled to VA and WE SURVIVED. It was a very successful trip and Stuart and I might have given each other a few high fives along the way as we figured out things like nursing/feeding/changing babies in gas station parking lots, how to feed babies and entertain Clark at 3 different sit down restaurants and loading and unloading three car seats at numerous stops along the way. Month 2 has been a good one. We are just loving these little guys and are ever so thankful to call them ours.

S & SK 2 months.
(check out the little band-aids from their 2 month shots- so sad. )

For comparison sake.
Looks like they have grown to me!

A few stats about The Duo:

Weights: (as of 11/11/11)

Shepard- 9lbs. 9oz. (up from 5lbs. 1oz. at birth)
Sara Kate- 9lbs. 13oz.. (up from 5 lbs. 11oz. at birth)

Lengths: (as of 11/11/11)

Shepard: 20.5 inches (up from 17 at birth)
Sara Kate: 20.5 inches (up from 18 at birth)

Diaper Size:

Shepard: Size 1
Sara Kate: Size 1

Clothing Size:

Shepard: 0-3 months (wears newborn pants)
Sara Kate: 0-3 and 3 months. (nearly too big for all newborn clothes)


Both wake every three hours during the day to eat. Sometimes we do have to wake them to eat. At night they are stretching it out about 4 to 4.5 hours. Our longest stretch has been 6 hours. But this required me holding Shep for the last two hours to keep him calm. Once one wakes at night to eat we wake the other to keep them on the same schedule.


Both are nursing very well. Still eating on schedule every three hours. I am thinking they eat about 4 ounces each time, because that is what satisfies them when I pump and give them bottles. I only give them bottles if we are going to be out somewhere or if we are going to have guests during feeding time.
They do very well with bottles, I am just so thankful I don't have to wash more than two a day at this point. I remind myself about that when nursing two becomes overwhelming. (saving money and not washing bottles)

Shepard Randall
Shep continues to be the laid back one of the bunch. He is such a little sweetie. He is our smiley boy and is the one who is more likely to share a smile. His looks are changing so much as he continues to grow and fill out. He looks more like his big brother Clark everyday. He loves to snuggle with his momma and he LOVES to have his little bald head rubbed.

Sara Kate
Sara Kate is a little more dramatic than her brothers. She is learning early. She is much more likely to yell and scream when she is upset and she hates to have her little bottom exposed- this makes diaper changes and bath time a little loud. She does not seem to mind her hair bows and that is good news because I love to see her in them. I enjoy the challenge of trying to match her bow to her little tiny outfits. She has quite the bow collection for such a little girl.  She loves the swing and tends to fall asleep in it for nice long naps.

Here are a few pictures from this month that just had to be shared.

Mommy & her babies at the 2 month check up.
All smiles right BEFORE the shots.  :(

Daddy and his baby girl.

Momma and her littlest man.

The Duo on Halloween.

Sweet Sara Kate

Handsome Shepard

Telling me they are ALL DONE with the 2 month photo shoot.

Right about now they are sounding like the look in the above picture so I must sign off and go snuggle my sweeties! But before I do I want to wish my sister Jessica a HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!! The twins are excited to share their 2 month birthday with you!
Happy Birthday Big Sister.


  1. I love their Halloween Bundles! I don't know how I missed that picture, being the stalker I am?! Must be slacking. Love you, all! And, Happy Birthday Jessica! :)

  2. What super cuties!!!! The one of them crying cracks me up....they are done with the pics for the day:) You are so blessed! What a precious family!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. So cute! I am so happy to keep up with y'all through your blog. Love it!

  4. The babies are both such cuties! I love that little turkey shirt Shepard has on.

  5. they are growing! and i have to say... the cutest clothes! looks like you're having a blast!

  6. They honestly are soooo cute and strangely look like miniature versions of you and your husband! So refreshing to hear breastfeeding is going well still and you are preparing to pump at work. My goal is 12 weeks at home and at least 12 weeks after returning to work= formula cost for year equal to's one of that I convinced myself we'd survive twins financially! also seeing how fast 2 months has been....I am sad to know my time at home will be short. Take care. Glad all is well.

  7. they are so cute! I can't believe how fast they are growing. And Sarah Kate is SO CUTE in her bows and the matching outfits with Shepard. i love it! Can't believe you go back to work in a few weeks... At least you will have snow days to spend extra days with them (and knowing our county, there will be lots of them!)

  8. Oh how precious. They are just perfect! I love their halloween bundles, they look absolutely adorable.

  9. I am LOVING that one of Sara Kate and her daddy all dressed up! Sooo cute!


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