Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breakfast With Some Buddies

This morning I had a breakfast date with a pretty special 3 year old, some princesses, a pirate, a cowboy, a space ranger, an ogre, some superheros and many other of Clark's favorites. We were invited to a Character Breakfast at our good buddy Jack's school. Jack attends one of the Montessori schools in town and they held their annual character breakfast. It was my 3 year old's dream- Chick-Fl-A catered and meeting some of his favorite characters. In his mind it does not get much better.

Yes, the characters may have been high school kids dressed up in Halloween costumes, (yes, Dora might have had a lip ring...) but Clark did not know the difference. He thought it was pretty spectacular. He knew who more of them were than I did- it was a hoot. He was so funny. He did pretty well talking to all of them and he even got a little shy around some of the princesses and was a little intimidated by Spiderman. I of course was armed with my camera and just loved watching him interact with it all and loved spending the time with just him doing something he enjoyed.

I loved this. He told Bo Peep he hid her sheep!
It made me laugh. i.just. love. this. kid.

Our buddy Drew LOVE Princess Fiona.
He told her she was beautiful!

This morning made me want to take C to Disney even more. I just know he would LOVE it and I do hope we make it there while it is all still so magical to him. But until then, we will enjoy high school kids and Chick-Fl-A!

Thanks Jack & Ginny for the invite!! We had a great time.


  1. How much fun! He's such a cutie. Glad he enjoyed himself!!!

    I bet your right, he would probably LOVE Disney. I hope you get to go while he is young. We were going to take my almost 13 year old this year & can you believe she said she would rather go to the beach. Tear :(

  2. Oh my goodness, you've got to take him to Disney!! :D I met my husband working at Disney (I was "best friends" with Pluto!...and Mrs Incredible, and many more!) When little ones start to understand and have conversations about the characters story it's the best! Tehehe, this post made me smile and brought back many memories :) So cute!

  3. What a cute day! So glad he enjoyed it! We just got back from Disney....Laila is turning 5 in February and it was really great but being a girl...lots of stuff scared her yet she still had blast. I'll post all about it soon....prepping for that trip while working and growing these babies has consumed my life...hence zero blogging!
    My husband says no more Disney til we can go without strollers! Men! Ha....FYI if you guys do go...I rented double stroller from kingdom strollers online for $67 for 6 days and was great! They dropped off At our resort and picked up!

    Never fear....I think the magic exists at Disney at any just changes. :)


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