Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween!

Last night was Trick or Treat in these parts. It was our first holiday as a family of 5 and I was pretty excited about it. We had some friends over for chili and candy fetching. The mommies took the big boys out for the adventure and the dads stayed home with the twins and to pass out candy to the droves of trick or treaters. Our new neighborhood was PACKED! There were little ghouls and goblins everywhere you looked. Many of them I am sure were bussed in because I have never in my life seen so many kids- but we braved it and I am so glad we did.

The big boys were so much fun! They were old pros in no time, ringing door bells, saying thank you and avoiding spooky decorations. Mindy and I did not stop laughing from the time we left the house. They were so funny trotting along collecting candy, comparing treats and shouting thank you on the way to the next house. We had only made it about two blocks when they decided they were done walking so I made the trek back to the house to get the wagon. Once I returned with the wagon and we loaded it up with some pretty heavy boys and their loaded bags we made our way through the streets. They did so great and we tricked and treated until time was up. At 8:00 we started back to the house. We live on a golf course and my bright idea was to take the cart path back to the house to avoid the crowds and stay off the street- a short cut. Well, in case you did not know the cart path is not lit at night and it was pitch black. We continued down the path for a while until we reached a DEAD END. Again, we could not stop laughing. We had no idea where we were, what hole we were on or which way to go! It was awesome. Mindy with a baby in a stroller and me pulling a loaded wagon with two tired boys and we are LOST somewhere in the middle of a golf course. GREAT. So Mindy leaves us and walks around looking for a way out. We found a not so legal way which might have required a little off roading with the wagon and stroller, but we finally found the correct path again and it dumped us out right in front of our house! It may not have been a short cut, but it did make for quite the Halloween adventure and a great story to tell the husbands when we finally got back.

It was a wild and fun night and proved that trick or treating with friends is way more fun! There was not a dull moment all night. I have a feeling there are not going to be very many dull moments in our lives for many years to come. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Me and all my monsters.
(Not my favorite picture of me but in 20 years I won't care right???)

Shepard the TIGER

Sara Kate the LEOPARD

Our family pre-Trick or Treat adventure.
(Again, I should have looked in the mirror...)

Mindy and her boys.

The two wild Trick or Treaters.
They were so much fun!!

Look at em go!

They just looked so big all by themselves up there.

Like I've said many times before...It is ALWAYS an adventure and last night was no different!


  1. Love the costumes. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Love this. So, so funny! And you are crazy, you look great! I love the 'in 20 years I won't care' thought. I need to take that one to heart I think. Love the twins costumes too! They look snuggly for sure!

  3. Hey Abby! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! I got the notification email, but now it's deleted. Hope I didn't accidentally delete it! Just wanted you to know I saw it, and I appreciate it. Your children are adorable!

  4. Hands down the best and most pratical baby costumes ever! So STINKIN CUTE! Clark looks adorable too, as always! Happy Halloween! And girl, you look Fab, but you are right when you say in 20 years it won't matter. We will just look at our babies and will not be able to believe how big they are....{tear}!

  5. Abby - You have been so sweet to follow my blog...I didn't realize you had a blog until tonight. I've loved reading & catching up! Precious babies!
    Love Susan Fraley Barlow


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