Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas at Our House

I am in the process of decorating our house for Christmas. It is taking me longer than usual because I am just not sure where to put things and I have these sweet new babies and a three year old who need attention every now and then. :)We lived in our old house for 5 years and I always put things in the same place, just adding things each year. Well, this year our house is a little bigger than our old one and I have more space and I just have not figured out where I want things and what I need so I have just been doing a little at a time.  Megan at Blissfully Burton is hosting a Christmas decorations link up and I wanted to play along even though I am not done. Maybe seeing everyone else's decor will inspire me to finish- or at least get the mums off the porch and replace them with something Christmasy. :)

Here are some pictures of our home so far this season...

Our mantel in the great room.

I just love this picture! I cannot believe this Christmas we have 3 kids.

The little nativity in this picture is very special to me.
It was at my grandma's house and I have been told it is now mine because I used to call it MaryAnne & Joseph. :)

Our nativity.

A cute little sign in my kitchen.
I had it made this year and it makes me smile.

This candle smells divine!!
Christmas in Kentucky

A terrible picture but here is our tree.
Still lacking a few things but here is what we have so far.

Clark's addition to the decor- his "ginger house".
I also spy Walker- our elf.

A seasonal use for the trifle bowl.
(pic actually from last year- but in use this year too)

These two little stocking stuffers are new to the decor around here this year too!
I have high hopes to put wreaths on all the windows outside, garland on my banisters, and a few more trees up but I have a feeling if it does not get done this weekend it is not getting done. I go back to work on Monday and I think life around here might be a little more hectic and Christmas decor might be pushed to the bottom of the list...we shall see.

Happy December 1st!!!

I also encourage you to head over to Megan's blog and play along too or at least say hello. She is also a teacher and new mommy and has a super cute blog.


  1. I think things around your home are looking beautiful. I love your matle. I so want a mantle to decorate!

    The best decorations in the house are those two in the stockings! If that is all you have this year, well I think it's quite enough :)

  2. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! the twins are so stinking adorable!!!!!! wow, cutest pic ever!!! I think your house looks great! you've got 3 kids and working! I would have zero decorations up! haha!

    thanks for linking up!! :)

  3. Soooo cute! Looks like you are doing great....I never got mums out...survival didn.t leave time! Still have pumpkin or tow around....Laila has informed her mamas that she needs her tree out up bc 'my mommy can't do it' sad as that truthbis....a least she is realistic! Look forward o seeing more decor

  4. Your twins are PRECIOUS and your christmas decor is beautiful!!! What a beautiful family you have! Enjoy celebrating your little ones FIRST Christmas! there is NOTHING sweeter;)

  5. I'm amazed that you can do all of THAT with three little ones!! Love the Christmas decorations. :)

  6. The picture of the babies in the stockings is PRECIOUS!

  7. Your twins are so cute!!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Looking forward to following your blog as well.

  8. I love using my trifle bowl for decorations! Everything looks great.


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