Sunday, December 18, 2011

SANTA!! I know him.

Yes, we are still here! Life around here has been moving at lightning speed. Lots of things have been going on and I have not had time to even look at this computer let alone sit down and blog. I went back to work two weeks ago and I will say that it has gone better than expected. The babies have adjusted well, and I have been enjoying my evenings with all my babies, they just go so fast. By the time I rush home to feed them, Clark and Stuart come home, time to make/eat dinner, feed babies again, baths all around, clean up mess from dinner, feed babies again, Clark to bed, then I CRASH. I am hoping I get better at it and that I can keep my eyes open past 9:30 in the near future. They are all napping now (for a few minutes anyway) so I thought I could share some pictures from our recent encounters with the big man himself...SANTA!!

Last weekend, we had the luxury of seeing Santa twice! Saturday our local MOPS group sponsored a cookies with Santa event that we have been to the past 4 years. This year it was a little hectic with three I must say and I did not do very well at the picture taking part. Clark talked about Santa ALL DAY and once we got there he would not smile and he did not speak. I was a little bummed only because he was so excited and then he acted so shy. (Shy is not usually something he knows much about) So we snapped a few pics and got to see some lovely friends that we had not seen in a while and followed it up with lunch of Clark's choosing...McDonald's.

Shepard & Sara Kate's 1st time to meet the BIG guy!
(Look how excited SK is! )
Clark = Not loving it.

 Of course Clark is all smiles AFTER he visits with Santa.
Pretty sure he is just excited to head to McD's for nuggets.

 My boys AFTER seeing Santa.

Our attempt at at least one good photo once we got home.

 All my sweeties.
  If I EVER get them all to smile in one photo I might have a party.

Good thing on Sunday we had invites to two Santa parties where we would be seeing the same Santa and Mrs. We were unsure which party we would be able to hit up due to naps and feeding times, but the later one worked and we headed out to try the whole Santa thing again. This time was MUCH BETTER!! Clark loved it and had plenty of time to warm up to Santa before it was his tum to talk to him. Santa and the Mrs. were at the home of some church friends of ours and it was a more intimate setting and he could actually hear the story being read and was not as overwhelmed. He told Santa he wanted a "Blast-off Sports Car". I do hope Santa knows what that is because we have NO IDEA. He has described it as "a sports car that can go to the moon"- oh jeez!


The read the kids a story first.

Shepard and Sara Kate visiting with Santa.
Again, SK is sound asleep! ha.

The Snyder party of five and The Mr. & Mrs.
 I cannot believe that that guy will be visiting our house in ONE WEEK!!! I am so excited to see Clark's reaction next Sunday morning. ( I do hope Santa figures out what that "Blast-off Sports Car" is before then though!) This year has been so much fun and he makes it so magical. I honestly do not need one thing this Christmas. I mean just look at the picture above. I think I have everything I could ever ask for!!


  1. I always love reading your posts. Especially seeing pics of your sweet babies! You also look fabulous! I hope the transition back to work gets easier.

  2. What a beautiful post. You have been so blessed with your gorgeous children. Hope Santa finds that car for Clark!

  3. Yay! Everyone looks great and so glad work is going good!!
    You look fantastic ! Can't wait for Santa around our house either! Merry Christmas and god bless


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