Thursday, September 29, 2011

Revloving Door.

My babies are two weeks old!! They are doing great and we are all adjusting to life as a family of 5. We have not had a lot of time alone as a family as we have had lots of help and lots of visitors. Last night was our first night alone and it was nice. I LOVE having people here, but it was nice to just be us for a little while. I know I need help, I appreciate the help, and I am looking forward to my aunt and Stuart's mom coming soon to help- but our night alone was nice and much needed.  Tuesday I was by myself all day and I was a little worried about it, but so far we are doing good. I have taken lots of naps and not done any housework, but we are all fed and happy. Tonight a dear lady from church is bringing dinner so I have time to sit down and blog a little before my boys get home. Clark has been going to the sitter each day to keep him on his routine and Stuart had been taking him and picking him up and that has been huge. So during the day it is just the babies. I am nursing them and we have not attempted tandem nursing just yet, so they are feeding one at a time. This process takes about an hour and they are to eat every three hours so that leaves about two hours in between to get some things done or rest up for the next feeding. They typically sleep in between each feeding and have to be woken up to eat. I know this will change soon, but they are still so little and not even supposed to be here yet so they need their sleep. In between feedings, sleeping and changing diapers we have had lots of visitors! Everyone wants to get their hands on them.  I have tried to take a pictures of all visitors so that Sara Kate and Shepard will know how much they were loved even on their first days, but I did not manage to get everyone! Here are a few pics of our little duo being loved on during their first few weeks.

Unlce Lance & Laura came from Martha's Vineyard to meet you!

Mommy's student Laurel LOVES you.

Aunt Roxana loves babies.

Mamaw, Clark & Sara Kate making cookies.

Baby Dillon (5months) looking like a BIG BOY with S & SK.

Mrs. Bonnie & Maura lovin' the twins.
Mrs. Bonnie could not wait to get her hands on you.

Ginny with her hands full!

Uncle Stephen loving on you.

Amy came to see you at the hospital.

Dave & Dillon visiting at the hospital.

Mindy & Drew. Drew LOVED visiting you.

Alison got to hold you both at the same time.

Uncle Seth was there when Clark got to meet you.
It was such a special time.

There were LOTS more friends and family that came that are not pictured. Lots of very wonderful ladies from church brought us meals and many people that stopped by just to see the sweet faces of our babies. We have been very blessed with lots of love and lots of help. I hope I am able to figure it all out once everybody is gone. Many more stories and pictures to come...once I find time.


  1. Oh they are beautiful....and sooo tiny!!! Congrats again! Wow...visitors are a blessing and difficult to boot! Kind of like the blessing of twins! So glad to see it's possible to survive. I watched a you tube video of tandem feeding recently...was great and made it seem possible :) take care and I continue to pray for you guys!!

  2. Oh my goodness how precious. They are so tiny!!!! I'm glad you all are doing well & that you have lots of help. You must have your hands full. Keep us posted, I'm so looking forward to seeing them grow!


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