Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your BIRTHday Story

Dear Shepard & Sara Kate-

The day you were born is a day I will never forget. It was the day that I went from being a mommy of one to a mommy of three. On that day my heart tripled in size and I learned that I have enough love for all of my sweet babies. On that day you made your big debut.

You were born on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011. I went to work that morning to teach 5th grade. The morning was a little rough as my big belly made it very difficult to sleep. It was very hard for me to get out of bed but I did and I made it to work. I did feel a little strange, but just thought it was due to the fact that I was 35 weeks pregnant with twins, chasing around your big brother and teaching 5th grade. So I went on with the day. I taught my first two classes all the while just feeling a little "weird". During my third hour class I left my kids with an assignment and headed to the office to have my blood pressure checked. I could not shake the feeling that something was up. My blood pressure checked out fine, but I was just not convinced. So I called my doctor and he told me to come in. I was supposed to have my 35 week checkup that day after school, but instead I got a sub and took a half day and went in at 11:30.

Once I arrived at the office they put me into a room and hooked me up to the monitors so we could check your heartbeats. You all looked GREAT. They left me hooked up for about an hour and we just watched you and waited for Dr. Owen to arrive. After they unhooked me from all the monitors, I went to the car to get my lunch. I ate a yogurt cup while I waited in the room for Dr. Owen to get there. He was in Lexington at a meeting and they thought he should arrive anytime so they wanted me to wait and talk to him.  I AM SOOO GLAD I DID. Once he arrived, he looked at all the reports from the monitors and agreed that you all looked beautiful but that I was having contractions. I had not felt any of them. So we talked about the possibility of me not going to work the rest of the week just to see how I felt about the whole idea. But before we made any final decisions, he wanted to check me to make sure I was not dilated. Well...I WAS! I was about 3-4 cm. dilated and completely thinned. What does that mean? That means that  you were ready to come! He told me to call your daddy to come pick me up and head to the hospital. We were not even allowed to go home and get any stuff. We had to drive straight there.  I began to cry. I could not believe that we would meet you THAT DAY. I was completely surprised and overwhelmed. Daddy finally arrived and he was so calm. He tried to calm me down- but we all know that is not easily done. So as we drove to the hospital with tears streaming down my face we called your grandparents and some of our friends to tell them the news.

Once we arrived at the hospital we got all checked in and learned that we had the same nurse that we had on the day we had your big brother. Her name was Alice and I was so excited to see a familiar face. Even though she sees so many patients a day and I knew there was no way she knew who we were I was still excited to see her. She was great and helped calm mommy down. As we were waiting we remembered that daddy was wearing the same shirt he wore when your big brother was born. We thought that was funny too. While we waited we learned that we would have to wait until about 8:00pm to meet you due to the fact that I ate that yogurt cup. They did not want me to have any food in my system so we waited. We checked in about 4:00 and waited about 4 hours. While we waited we took some pictures, watched TV and talked about you. Your mamaw Loschert arrived about 5:30 and she was so excited. Mommy was so excited to see her too. She always makes me feel better and more relaxed so I was so thankful she was there to be with us as we waited.  Before you arrived your Grammy and Grandpa Snyder and papaw Loschert arrived too.  You were surrounded by people who loved you as we waited to meet you.

Mommy getting all ready to go back to the operating room to meet you.

Yes, that is your daddy under there!

Right before they took us back!
7:45 pm 9/13/11

Mommy as I am walking to the operating room.
Right before they took us back to the operating room we prayed for you. Your grandparents surrounded us and we prayed for you and your safe arrival. We then made our way down the hall to meet you after lots of hugs and kisses from grandmas and grandpas. I was so nervous and excited. I could not stop shaking. Once we got to the room, daddy had to wait outside while mommy went in to have all the anesthesia. While I was in there I got to meet all the nurses and aids that would be taking care of you once you arrived. They were all ready and waiting and so was I. A few minutes later Dr. Owen and daddy came in and they got started. Daddy was a lot calmer than mommy (again) and he even remembered to take some pictures. When your big brother was born daddy was so nervous that he did not take any pictures. This time he did! The doctors reminded him and told him when to take them, but he did. I am so happy to have pictures to remember the first moments you came into the world because it all happened SO FAST. We were in the operating room less that 15 minutes and you were here! You were both born in the same minute. ONLY 40 seconds apart. At 8:14 pm we went from being a family of 3 to a family of 5.

Shepard Randall Snyder
5lbs.1oz 17 inches

Sara Kate Snyder
5lbs. 11 oz. 18 inches

Mommy & Sara Kate

Daddy & Shepard

Mommy & Daddy & Sara Kate

As soon as you were born and we heard you cry I became filled with all new emotions. I could not believe you were really here and that I could actually hear you! I had felt you in my belly for so long and now I would get to see your face and see all the little feet that had been kicking me for so long. Shepard, you were a little smaller than your sister so they took you to the NICU for observation. They left Sara Kate with us a little while longer and daddy got to walk to the NICU with you. He took lots of pictures, gave you lots of kisses and then came back and gave me updates on how you were doing. I was overjoyed to know you were doing so well. You were breathing on your own, you had healthy weights and you were doing wonderfully. Less than an hour after I came to the operating room we were all done and I was moved to a recovery room. I had to wait in the recovery room for about an hour longer for observations before I got to come meet you. Daddy kept making trips back and fourth to check on you and then to check on me and give me updates on you! Your grandparents hung out with me until we finally all got to go back and MEET YOU!! I was nervous and excited. I was not sure what to think as they wheeled me down the halls to meet my babies. Because it was late at night the NICU was not crowded and they let all of us go back to meet you including Mamaw, Papaw, Grammy and Grandpa. I got to hold Sara Kate first. You were so snugly and I was so pleased to know you were not hooked up to any machines. It was just you. Words cannot describe the love I felt. I was sick, sore and tired but it all went away once I got to hold you. You were perfect. Tiny, sweet and perfect. Once I soaked you all in they moved me down to meet Shepard. Shepard, you too were perfect. You were smaller but equally as sweet and perfect. I got to love on you, soak you all in and then hold you both at the same time. It was an amazing feeling to know that you both grew inside me and now you were really here and really mine. My heart nearly exploded it was so full of love for you both. It was so special that your daddy and grandparents were all there too. You both are loved tremendously and words cannot describe how much you are loved and how perfectly you fit into our family.

Sweet Sara Kate in the NICU.

Sweet Shepard in the NICU.

Mommy & Sara Kate.

Mommy, Shepard & Sara Kate.


You had to stay in the NICU for 4-5 hours for observation because you were so tiny and born at only 35 weeks. Mommy and Daddy were taken to a room and we tried to get some rest. Grammy & Grandpa went home and Mamaw & Papaw went to our house to get some things for mommy and to take care of your big brother. I tried to get some sleep, but I sat up straight in bed at 1:30 and called the nurse's station. I asked about you all. I wanted to see how you were doing and get an update to see if you were still in the NICU or in the nursery. I was beyond thrilled to hear that you had been cleared to leave the NICU and you were making your way to our room!!! I woke up your daddy and we waited for you to come through the door. Once you did we held you, kissed you, fed you and loved on you until they made us give you back. You had to stay in the nursery that night for more observations but we could not have been happier to learn that you were out of the NICU and if all things went according to plan you would be going home at the same time we would. We knew that was an amazing blessing.

So for the rest of the week we stayed at the hospital. You met your big brother, we worked on nursing, mommy worked on healing and we just spent our days and nights feeding you, loving you and learning how to be your mommy and daddy.  You passed lots of tests like car seat challenges, hearing tests, temperature tests, weight checks and all of that. You passed them all! On Friday morning we learned that everybody was looking good and we had been released to go home. We happily packed up all of our stuff and checked out. As we were leaving the hospital with our cart load of gifts, flowers, stuff, &two car seats loaded with babies I still did not believe it. I could not believe you were really coming home with me. We said thank you and goodbye to all of our wonderful nurses and made our way home.

SKS all buckled in and ready to go home!

SRS all buckled up and ready to go home.

Loaded up and ready to go home!!

It was an amazing week. We were a little surprised by your arrival but learned very quickly how perfectly your timing was. You are everything we have ever wanted and we are so glad to call you ours. We love you to the moon and back and it is our hope and prayer that you know each and everyday just how much you are loved. Welcome to this world and to our family. We LOVE you so much!!



  1. I read this whole thing through tears! I'm so glad everyone was healthy and you just look beautiful as a Mommy of 3! Congrats!!

  2. I just cried through that entire post! What little miracles you have. Your little family is perfectly blessed and I couldn't be happier for you. There is not a better day in a mothers life than when her child is born, I can't imagine how much better it is when two children are born. Welcome to this world Sara Kate and Shepard!

  3. Such a beautiful post. love you guys!

  4. So precious! Glad to hear you all are doing well. The babies look great. Hope you are recovering from your c-section. Welcome sweet babies!!

  5. What a beautiful story! Well done, Synder's. Love!

  6. Congratulations on your new bundles of joy and family of five! I am just catching up on blogs (as I returned to teaching this week!), and I was so excited to see your news :) Enjoy every minute with them, I promise the exhaustion and emotional roller coaster will calm down! I can't believe my twins are already 4 months really does fly like people say! Congratulations again :)

  7. What a sweet story!! Congrats to you and your beautiful little family!! God is so good !!!!

  8. CONGRATS!!! Your babies are beautiful!!


  9. Congrats on your beauitful babies! Hope you all are doing well!!
    Jeremy, Teresa and Sawyer Spears

  10. Oh my! I disappear for a few days and look what happened. Congratulations. They are beautiful. I didn't real this whole thing, I kept scrolling to make sure all was well and I see that it is. So now I will go back and read. Feel free to emial me if you have any questions. I'm no pro, but I do feel alive again after the past 6 weeks. I hope that everything is ok at home and they are just beautiful!!!!!!

  11. What a beautiful story! Your babies are just perfect. We too welcomed our baby early, at 36 weeks last Tuesday. Reading your birth story made me tear up thinking how incredibly special that time must have been for you guys, and how many similarities we shared! Congratulations on your two perfect babies!

  12. Such a sweet story. My girls were born at 29 weeks, so our story is much different than yours, but still brings me back to the beginning for us as well. So much different but so much the same. Sweet, sweet babies you have there!


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