Friday, September 9, 2011

34 Week Update

The Snyder Duo 34 Week Update.

Today: 34 weeks 5 days.

Baby Size:
According to my sources the babies are about the size of large cantaloupes. About 22 inches each and could be as big as 5.5 lbs.  Two weeks ago we got to see them on the ultrasound and they measured right on track. At that time Shepard was 4.4lbs. and Sara Kate was 4.13lbs. so they my be about 5 lbs each by now! Oh my.  

WARNING! The next picture is my bare belly. Yes, I just woke up from an after school nap, look terrible and I have stretch marks, but after looking at my bare belly I realized they really are the size of cantaloupes or maybe even watermelons!
I am trying to document this time in my life, so feel free no to look! ha! :)

Weight Loss/Gain:
At my 30 week appointment I was +20. I did not ask this Tuesday but I think I am close to +25-30 right now. I am feeling HUGE. My belly is so big and it is so hard to find shirts to fit over it. I go every week now, so I will try to remember to ask next week about the gainage. I refuse to look at the scale so I have to ask and I keep forgetting. Probably on purpose!

Maternity Clothes:
Are you kidding? I am running out of maternity clothes. They are all getting too small. My shirts are too short, my pants are cutting me in half and I am trying really hard to look professional at school when all I really want to wear is Stuart's pajama pants. I am trying to now wear things that cover my swollen ankles because if they are exposed I get ALL KINDS of comments like " Are you sure you should be working?", " You need to put your feet up", " Have you had your blood pressure checked". So it is much easier to just cover them up. Yes, they are swollen. Yes, it stinks. No, my blood pressure is fine and my doctor is not worried so neither am I. I go every week for a check up. If he tells me to stop working I will, but for now he thinks I am fine. So that is what I am going to go with. But, they are HUGE and at night (like right now) I am trying very hard to sit at least for a little while with them up to help them go down.

This has been the worst week for sleep yet. I cannot get comfortable.  Monday night I think I slept about 1.5 hours total. So the alarm Tuesday morning came very early. I just could not find a spot that worked. I tried pillows, sitting up, laying down, sitting in the chair, lying on the couch. NOTHING. Tuesday night was a little better and the rest of the week was not terrible, but not great. My belly is just so heavy that it makes my hips so sore and makes it hard to sleep. I know that it will be over soon and I will have two sweet babies keeping me up all night instead of the pain so I am just taking it all one day at a time.

I am feeling good just swollen. People ask me ALL-THE-TIME when I am due because I do look like I might pop at any moment. :) I have had all kinds of heartburn so maybe these two will have LOTS of hair like their big brother. I still have very restless legs and this makes sitting with my feet up at night VERY difficult, so that is why I have been going to be earlier- just to avoid it. My days are not uncomfortable. I can work all day and I do just fine. Yes, I go to the bathroom more. Yes, I sit more. Yes, it is very hard to go up 3 flights of stairs after lunch without getting winded- but other than that I am doing good!!

They are moving all the time. I can usually guarantee movement once I sit down. I can see almost every movement from the outside. As soon as I sit down it is quite the show. I do wonder if it will slow down in the next few weeks as they get bigger and run out of room, but as for now they are still very active.

Best Moment This Week:
The three day weekend was wonderful and we got so much done around the house and just enjoyed our time as a family of 3. It was so nice to be home without a major agenda and just enjoy each other as we prepare for the arrival of two more blessings.

Food Cravings:
I am  still enjoying candy corn and crushed ice. Each morning I have to have a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch but other than that just starving some days and nothing sounds good on others.

What I Miss:
I still miss Jazzercise. I miss bending over easily. I miss sleeping on my belly. I miss having lots of energy. I miss clothes that fit and having ankles! :) One day I know I will miss all of these things- the movement in my belly, the cravings and all of the things that have made this pregnancy so wonderful, challenging and unique. That is one reason I am so glad that I have made the effort to blog during this time so that I can remember it all. (Yes, even the bare belly picture- ha!)

Looking Forward To:
Meeting my babies! Everyday I wonder if it is THE DAY. So until they decide it is time or if we make it to the scheduled c-section on 10-4-11 we will wait and see what happens! 


  1. YAY for 34 weeks!! You look adorable!! And I love that you shared your bare belly pic! You are much braver than I! haha

    BTW- cute cell phone cover pic! :)

  2. I just wanted to say "hello" and let you know I found your blog through Megan at In This Wonderful Life. You are absolutely ADORABLE! I am 30 weeks with boy/girl twins and I think it will be really neat to read about someone else having twins around the same time! Best wishes!


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