Thursday, September 15, 2011


The twins have arrived!!!
They were born on Tuesday 9/13/11 at 35 weeks and 2 days both at 8:14 pm. It is story that I will share on a later date once I can keep my eye lids open. It was a surprise that they came so early and it has been a whirlwind ever since. We are still at the hospital and will be here a few more days. They are doing BEAUTIFULLY and should both be coming home with us on Saturday morning when we are discharged.  We are over the moon excited and blessed beyond measure. Thanks for all of your prayers and concern throughout this entire pregnancy. There will be more updates to come but here are a few iPhone pictures of our time at the hospital so far!

A few minutes before we met them!

Born 9/13/11 8:14 pm
5lbs.2oz. 17 inches

Born: 9/13/11 8:14 pm
5lbs. 11oz. 18 inches

My first time meeting them!!
(I might have just thrown up right before this and just had two babies-not lookin' too hot!)

Our sweeties. Just a few hours old.

Our new family of 5!!!

Brotherly Love.

Mommy and Baby Girl  on 9/15/11

Me and my loves just a few minutes before this post.

We are so in love and have so much to be thankful for!!
I will post more later. Just had to share a few tonight!


  1. OH my Goodness!!! What beautiful blessings!!! They are precious!!! You have a beautiful family:) God Bless You!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Congratulations, Abby! May the Lord shower you and your sweet family with many blessings! :)

  3. Congratulations!! They are beautiful and I'm so glad to hear they are doing well! I've been so swamped at school this week and thought of you as I trudged up and down three flights of stairs, NOT pregnant, and wondered how on earth you did it! I'm so glad I checked the blog tonight because I had a feeling they were going to come soon and couldn't wait to see pics! Congrats again to you and your beautiful family!

  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Shepard & Sara! Love the names! So happy for you!!!

  5. What a beautiful family! Many blessings and prayers as you build your life with these new little ones!!

  6. Yay!! Congrats to you all!! The babes look so healthy and you look fantastic!! Glad things are going well.

  7. Congrats x's 2!!!! They are beautiful!

  8. Congratulations! They are beautiful. So glad to hear they are here at healthy. You look great!

  9. yay!!! so happy for you!! they are so beautiful and look so happy already!!!!!!

  10. Oh what precious babies!!! Congratulations!

  11. Oh what precious babies!! Congratulations to you and your family!

  12. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and you family.

  13. Congratulations, they're beautiful!! I'm glad everyone is happy and healthy...can't wait to hear the story :)

  14. Congratulations!! I just found your blog after the link from in this wonderful life....I am so excited for your family and will keep your in my prayers...I am also overwhelmingly encouraged that they are so healthy and went home without NICU!!! Congrats. They are beautiful. Look forward to hearing your story. I have had so many aches and pains of recent I have been so stressed baout not making it to my february due date or even close! So happy to see twins healthy! thanks for sharing


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