Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Few Firsts.

Today was my first trip out by myself! It was the first time for me to drive and to leave the house ALONE. It was just a simple trip to Kohl's to return a few baby gifts that we had doubles of or that were the wrong size/season. It turned into an hour and a half of me time. It was great to be out. I picked up a few baby items, some fall candles for the house and possibly some baggy sweaters that might help cover my twin tummy (yes- I am hoping it will go away, but I am also aware that I will have to leave the house again and will need something to wear until it is gone). I pumped enough in case I was gone two days and left Stuart alone with all 3 kiddos. When I left, they were all asleep (Barney too!) so I knew he would be fine and of course he was. Clark slept the whole time I was gone and the babies did great. Shepard even ate 3 oz! That boy will beef up- we have faith. Anyway- it was a great little outing and I am so glad it was successful for all of us.

Since I am on the topic of firsts. I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the twins' first experiences that I have captured pictures of. Because if I don't blog about it I will not remember.


Waiting to be called back.

So thankful mamaw was there to help!

Having our BR levels checked.

SK on the scale.

One proud mommy.


(for mommy's 30th birthday)

We went to the restaurant in our neighborhood.
(no- air was not coming out of that vent! :)

Our family of 5 out to eat for my 30th birthday!


Momma and her babies in front of our house.

Yes he looks silly!
Shepard ready for the walk.

Sara Kate is all buckled up and ready to go.

All loaded up and ready for the trip around the block-
WOW lots of work for such a short trip.
My camera is loaded with hundreds of pictures and moments that I want to remember. So glad to blog about a few firsts going on in the Snyder house. It is all new, some of it is scary, some of it exciting, but all of it a blessing. We feel so blessed.


  1. So proud of you! I am impressed too! I am scared to leave already! (although I can't for 2 weeks) Your new house looks beautiful!

  2. Yay for all the firsts! The house is look fantastic!!! And is that a frame stroller? I've been researching. That is the one I'm wanting but inline in small town MS thus Internet ordering is only option... Love the accessary bar. My mom bought me a double bob ... But I've been told this is the must for first 6-12 months!

    Congrats on mommy alone time!

  3. Yea! I cannot wait to meet them! We may be in Georgetown around the 23rd/24th and would love to come visit. :)

  4. Hi Abby! I am new to your blog and I've never commented before. I have twins on the way too and they are our first so I really don't know dirty diapers from dish rags but...I wanted to say really quickly that it looks like your car seats aren't all the way down in the stroller. We have that stroller too and those car seats (which are actually set up in our living room right now - ha!). I watched a YouTube video ( about how to install them since I didn't even know if they would work with the Snap N Go stroller. My understanding is they need to be all the way down in the frame resting on the groove in the car seat. I know it's super unlikely anything would ever happen but if something did happen to your precious babies and I didn't say anything I would just die. I truly hope you aren't offended in any way!

  5. So much excitement!!! I am so happy things are going so good : )


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