Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Punkin Park"

As you can imagine life around the Snyder house has been a little consumed by babies! We have been working on a schedule and our (my) main goal has been to get these sweet babies to gain weight. Well- easy enough right? Well in this house we also have one super sweet 3 year old who also needs mommy's attention too. My fear since before these babies were born was how I would be able to share my attention, time and love between all 3 kiddos. Well, we are working on it. We are trying to make sure Clark is getting his time too and we are not allowing ourselves to be completely consumed by all things baby. We have tried to keep C on his regular schedule and in his routine. Stuart has been taking him to his regular sitter during the day so he can play with his friends and keep his life somewhat normal. We understand this has been a HUGE adjustment for him but he is handling it very well. We have had a few incidents here and there and maybe even some potty accidents so we have been giving him treats when he comes home from the sitter with dry pants and a good report. He has done so well and that makes me very happy. 

Since fall is here and C knows it, he has been asking to go to the "Punkin Park".  The "Punkin Park" is what Clark calls the local pumpkin patch here in town. We have been every year and he loves it. It is also on the way to the sitter's house so he sees it everyday. So of course we wanted to go! We thought about taking all 3 kids on Sunday, but the idea of crowds and chilly temperatures made me think better of it so we came up with plan B. My mom came up on Monday night to stay with us because the twins had a doctor's appointment and I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so she came to help. So Monday night she stayed with the babies and Stuart, Clark and I headed to the "Punkin Park" because Clark had a great day at the sitter's and because we wanted to spend some time spoiling our big boy.

We went about an hour before they closed and just spent time checking out all the pumpkins, enjoying the weather and letting Clark just be Clark for a little while. There was no diaper fetching, no nursing babies, no asking him to wait a minute until I am done changing a diaper- none of that. Just our little guy being 3 and climbing all over the pumpkins and loving every minute of it. 

Don't get me wrong- he LOVES his brother and sister very much and we are so thankful for that, but we are so glad to have a chance to spend time with just him every now and then too. He is growing so fast and just looking at the babies makes me realize just how fast he is growing. I cannot believe how smart, funny and big he is. It really is hard to believe. Because of this we are trying to just soak them all in and enjoy the everyday because one day we are going to look back wish for moments like these. I just know it.

So here are some pictures of our big brother enjoying his time at the "Punkin Park".

Getting SO big!

REASON#345.988 why I LOVE fall!

Daddo showing Clark how to pose for the picture!

My boys checking out the goats.

Clark picking out his pumpkin.
(which he later dropped and it rolled down the hill)

I just LOVE this boy.

C picked a pumpkin of Shepard and Sara Kate.

Momma and her baby BIG boy.

It was so much fun and we followed it up with a trip to Clark's favorite- CHICK FIL-A! Thanks so much mom for keeping the sweeties so we could enjoy this evening with our big guy.

Speaking of The Sweeties. What are they doing while I write this blog post you ask...
S & SK napping while I blog!

That is exactly what they are doing right this minute. Sleeping and doing a whole lot of grunting and squeaking.
What a great way to spend this Wednesday morning!



  1. I can't wAit to take Houston to the "punkin park" for the first time this year! How in the heck are you doing it with twin newborns and and year old? You're my hero!!

    PS - I was looking at the counters at the bottom of your blog and noticed Shepherd will be 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days Old tomorrow!! Maybe you should have a party ;)

  2. So happy you got some "C" time! Love the pictures! He is getting so big, so handsome (as always), and looks like he had a blast! YOU. LOOK. AMAZING. Love you! We will definitely see you soon, *and you're "it" in our game of phone tag. :)

  3. Oh my goodness. I love that one of your husband posing at the sign. =)


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