Saturday, October 8, 2011

Always An Adventure.

Somebody decided today was the day to try it. The day to try to get all three kids ready and to an event by 9:00 am. That somebody was ME. Clark had pee-wee sports this morning at 9:30 but it was picture day and they had to be there early. It was supposed to be a beautiful day so I had the bright idea that the twins and I would tag along. I will admit- it was easier said than done.

 Leaving the house took more time than expected and all three kiddos were crying when we got in the car! ohmy!
Clark was upset because his shoes were too small and hurt his feet AND he wanted medicine. Yes- the child has runny eyes and a cough due to what I think is allergies and he LOVES his medicine. So he is in tears and the babies are crying because it was time for them to eat. So I pumped while drying my hair and had bottles ready to go. I had to sit in the back seat on the way there and feed babies- but once we arrived all tears were dry and we were ready.

Well, tears were dry for about 5 minutes that is.  I stayed in the car to finish feeding Sara Kate and load the babies while Stuart and Clark ran to the field because we were late for pictures. So, I get the duo fed, burped and loaded into the stroller and we make our way to the field too. We finally find the picture spot and I fill out the picture form while I assume the boys are having pictures made. I get the form all filled out- ordering a group picture and an individual picture and I am writing the check. I want to get a peek at the picture taking to make sure C is smiling and his hair is combed. So I peek into the room where they are taking pictures only to see Clark crying and running away from the group. He REFUSED to have his picture made and wanted nothing to do with the team shirt everyone else was wearing. I was so embarrassed and wanted to go in and help Stuart, but the huge stroller would not fit in the crowded room with all the other moms and dads coaxing their kids to smile while mine ran wild with tears streaming down his face. So I quietly tore up the check and threw the picture order form away. I guess this is not the season for our first team picture. owell. He was still very whiny as we walked back over to the field. He participated, but not fully and he was so glad when it was over. So today was not his day, but I really do think the program is good for him and he has learned a few things... I think.

After it was all over we loaded the whole gang back in the van and headed for breakfast at Chick-fil-A per Clark's request. We arrived at Chick-fil-A at 10:29 and breakfast stops being served at 10:30 so I had breakfast and the boys had lunch. Why did I expect anything less on this crazy day?? So we ate, the twins slept and Clark played in the playground. I would call it successful. It was a meltdown free stop! whaoo. When we loaded up the van for the third time that morning I looked at Stuart and we decided that we were getting pretty good at this whole 3 kids in a van thing! ha! (He did look awfully handsome for a minivan driver!) After a not so quick stop at CVS to get some medicine for Clark we made our way home to unload the circus AGAIN.

It was not an easy morning. It was not all rainbows and baby kittens, but we did it! We did it all by ourselves and we all survived. We all took major naps this afternoon to recover from our little outing, but we did it. We can mark this day down in the books as the first of many wild mornings as a family of 5 because with us it is always an adventure!

Don't let the pictures fool ya'- There was a WHOLE LOT of this going on! ha.

Oh the memories we are making!! :)


  1. Love this post! So proud of you all! Way to go! The twin shirts are super cute!

  2. THose babies are adorable, and I also love those little fall shirts! I must say I'm impressed and good for you for taking the whole family out! I'm sure that can't be easy!ch

  3. Love this! I'm glad you've got the hectic first (of many)under your belt. :) Well, done!

  4. Good for you for diving in and getting out there! I know it will continue to get easier....or at least more survivable for you guys! Everyone looked great and survived! Congrats snyder fam of 5. I've met so many parents of multiplies since learning I was expecting twins. All of which were smiling! What a blessing that god has given you!

  5. That is a lot of packing and unpacking! I can't imagine it with 3, since 2 is blowing our minds. :) Sounds like a pretty successful outing though!

  6. WOW- It's funny how simple things become major things when you have kids! I'm glad you all did it & enjoyed it though.


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