Friday, October 14, 2011

1st Trip to the ER

Well, yesterday was my first day home alone ALL DAY with all three kids. It is Fall Break here, so our sitter is not keeping kids so Clark stayed home with me and the babies. I am not going to lie, I was very anxious about the day. On Wednesday night I started to get a little worried about how I would handle it. I mean one hour out of every three I am tied to the same position nursing two babies and I really cannot move around and I was worried about what Clark could get into during that time or what he might need that I could not help him with. So when Stuart left for work on Thursday and left us all here I might have been a little nervous, but the day was fine. We made it. The babies did great they ate and slept well. I kept C occupied while they ate with games on my phone, puzzles and Nick Jr. Clark and I made No Bake Cookies (MY FAVORITE!) and I even took a shower at one point. I was also shocked that Clark took a two and a half hour nap and Stuart was home before we knew it. It really was a good day and I might have felt like I deserved some kind of an award or something. HA HA!

Around seven o'clock we were all hanging out in the living room. The babies were getting ready to eat (shocking!), Stuart was doing some work on the computer and Clark was playing and climbing all over Stuart. Well he might have been climbing over the couch when he fell. He hit the hardwood in the kitchen and pulled over a kitchen stool (that he might or might not have been climbing on earlier). Honestly I did not even jump up. We asked him if he was okay and then the screaming began. The screaming did cause us both to jump up. We found him on the other side of the couch, stool on top of him and eye brow bleeding. One of us picked him up and carried him to the kitchen counter. I got a wash cloth and began to pat the blood off his face and try to check out the cut. Once I got it cleaned up I had a feeling he needed more than a band aid so what do I do? Well call my mom OF COURSE! I then took a picture of it and sent it to my mom, our sitter and my friend who is a PA. Two of the three said to take him to the ER. The idea of that made my stomach churn and I thought I might throw up.

THE ER?? How was I supposed to feed two babies and take my big boy to the ER? I had nothing pumped and really did not think it was a good idea to take newborns into the ER waiting room. Stuart begin calm Stuart AS USUAL- said it would be fine and he would take him. REALLY? Could I let my baby boy go to the hospital without me?? I did not know what to do. I was calm, but I was conflicted. I knew Stuart would be fine and would be able to handle it, but I really wanted to be there with them too. But, we both knew I needed to stay home with the babies so I found the insurance card, loaded Stuart up with suckers for the brave boy and sent them on their way. I might have cried as they left and then Clark turned around on his way out the door and says "I'll be fine momma". WHAT? When did my baby get so big and so brave? Why was I the one crying? But he was fine. He did a great job. Stuart sent me texts and pictures the whole time they were gone and I stayed home and fed babies. They were not gone long and I was just finishing up feeding and changing when they got home to hear all about the big adventure. They were the only ones waiting so they did not have to wait long, they glued it back together and said we did the right thing by bringing him in, Clark did not shed one tear when they were there and he thought the bracelet was really cool. So I guess as far as ER visits are concerned this was a good one. I know it is probably not our last trip there- just a first of many but at least it was not that traumatic and ended well.

Of course I have to document the memory.
So here are some pictures of my baby BIG boy on his first trip to the ER.

Waiting to go back.
(source: Daddy's phone)

My brave boy.
(source: Daddy's phone)

All glued together and ready to go.
(source: Daddy's phone)

Showing me his cool bracelet- that he is still wearing!

Looking a little pitiful.
I am pretty sure he is trying to get another sucker. Don't let him fool ya'!

So, other that our first ER visit- my first day with all the kiddos was a success. Today is day two and they are all napping and I am hoping to sneak in one myself- YEAH RIGHT. A girl can wish right??! :)

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Hope your day is hospital visit free.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! So sorry he had to go to the ER. At least it didn't happen when your husband was at work. Glad he was able to go to the ER. Hope he heals up quickly!

  2. Well...all hormoned up....I may have cried when I read the part about him saying he would be fine! They do grow up in instants often! Hooray for a successful day alone with them all.
    I work with people with disabilities....who need stitches all the time bc of falls and seizure related falls.. A trick we use for shallow ones....keep unopened super glue on hand.... I wouldn't use on his sweet face...but all other shallow ouchies...clean them...when bleeding can glue them safely! Far less traumatic on my folks in the middlenof the night than ER! I've even talked a few friends through it on the phone....just don't glue yourself to
    Glad he did so great!


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