Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Day #1

Friday we got to have our first SNOW DAY of the year. Last year we had plenty of snow days and Clark and I usually spent them in our jammies by the fire just enjoying it. You can read about a few of those days HERE, HERE OR HERE. This year was our first snow day where it wasn't just the two of us and the first snow day in our new house. Clark was pretty excited about the snow this year and even more excited that his buddy Jack came over for a snow day play date! I was excited that this snow day fell on the Friday before MLK Jr. day giving us a four day weekend! yahoo!

There was not much snow and it was bitterly cold, so we did not stay out long. Just long enough to enjoy it. We probably spent more time suiting the boys up and cleaning up the mess afterwards than they actually spent outside, but it was a fun time and I am looking forward to the next one. (Yes- I said it. I LOVE snow days. Many of my teacher friends do not because those days get tacked on to the end of the year but I'll take any day off I can get January or May). Here are some pictures from Snow Day #1.

C and Jack.

Clark in his clubhouse.

Sweet Jack.

The slide was a big hit!

As you can see we just had a dusting of snow. We are pretty excited for a "real" snow with sledding and snow balls and all that jazz. But this was a good start.


  1. love your blog! I also teach 5th grade. My aunt and uncle by marriage live in lexington and I loved the Joesph Beth Bookstore when we visited. Such a cute family!

  2. I am laughing! You're snow day is so "cute!" We have that much snow here in June! I'm so glad you made the most of it. Here in Canada we hibernate. See you in May sometime! :)


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