Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can I Follow You? Should I Bring Back Teacher Talk?

I am just full of questions this afternoon!
First-Do you Pin? Do you Instagram? Well I have become quite addicted to both since having the twins. I have both apps on my phone and I play on them while I am feeding the babies or while I am locked in the bathroom pumping at school. I know I need to be reading books or doing something much more intellectual with my time, but I can't stop.

 I have found so many good ideas on Pineterest and I LOVE being able to pin things I find online, or on your blogs that I want to try "one day". I have become quite obsessed with Instagram because it is a space where I can post photos without overloading my Facebook newsfeed with hundreds of pictures of my sweet kiddos and is great when I have a picture I want to share but just don't have enough time to blog.

So my question is, Are you on these sites? If so, do share your info so I can follow you!!! I also have quite a few new blog followers (HELLO! Thanks for reading!!) and I would love to follow your blog if I am not already a follower so share that too. Please leave me a comment or email with your information for any or all of these things if you pin, if or blog so I can add you to  my lists.

In case you are interested in following me on either my Instagram account name is snyderstories- it is private, but if you ask I'll add you- you know if you need to see MORE pictures of my kids!ha!! If you are interested in following me on Pinterest click on the button to the right of this post. If you are not following my blog- you should be! :) Please take time to do that too!

 On another note- Anyone interested in me bringing back Teacher Talk Thursday?? Before the pregnancy I was trying to do a weekly or biweekly teacher link up and I would LOVE to do it again if there is still interest.  If you would like for me to start that back up let me know. Do you have any topics or ideas for themes let me know that too! Anything school related that you would like me to share and have a linky party for? Classroom Schedules? Management Techniques? Sub Planning? Valentine's Day Ideas? Technology Ideas? What would you like to read about or what would you like to share?

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
Can't wait to hear from ya'll.


  1. I'm a relatively new follower and I love seeing and reading about your kids. They're so cute! But I'm also studying to become a teacher so I'd love to hear about how your class/school is too!

  2. Umm, heck yes I instagram and pin. I am obsessed. I too find that I spend most of my time pumping in the br or feeding at home on these sights. They are major addicting! I have never really written about teacher stuff on my blog, but might be interested in Teacher talk if you started it up again. FYI, I'm jpburlew on instagram. I'll have to look you up!

  3. I don't know what I would do without Pinterest! I would be up for linking up with Teacher Talk!

  4. I am a bit obsessed with both of these apps, myself! Bring on the Teacher Talk Thursday, girl! I need some motivation from time to time. :)

  5. I am pretty addicted to pinterest as well! Already thinking about 1st birthday ideas...crazy! I must limit myself to 30 min and only when babies are napping because I have NOTHING else to do while they nap!!!


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