Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Traintastic Day.

 As you may or may not know, our big boy LOVES trains. Well, he loves all things that go, but trains are in the top 3 so when my friend Tia told us about the train display at the Cincinnati Museum Center we decided we needed to make the short trip. So during our Christmas break that is just what we did. We went early on Saturday morning hoping to beat the crowd...I am guessing everyone else in Cincinnati tried the same thing because it was PACKED. When we got into the parking lot I must admit I was a little nervous about how I was going to maneuver the double stroller around the place without losing my mind or someone getting injured. Once inside my fears were not calmed as the line to buy tickets was wrapped around like a ride at Disney World. It weaved in and out and I might have been sweating thinking about how we were going to accomplish this. The line moved rather quickly and when we were next in line to pay a saintly woman (who must have felt sorry for us) gave us a pass for 2 free adults and 2 free children!! Everyone that lives in that area got them with their electric bill since the electric company was sponsoring the display. Since we do not live in the area we were going to have to pay the $12.50 per person entry price....but we got it for FREE! We were so excited and I am pretty sure I thanked that woman 50 times.

All my cuties waiting in line to get tickets.

Once we paid and got in the crowd was not too bad. Totally do-able. The museum is HUGE and there were about 50 other people there with double strollers so we fit right in. After one emergency run to the bathroom for Clark we made our way through the massive train displays and Clark stood and stared at each one. He loved it. We loved seeing his little face and the babies did not make a peep. It was fun to be out and about doing something as a family and something that Clark loved so much. We saw some trains, learned some history and became more skilled at the double stroller! :) After we saw all of the trains we upgraded our tickets and headed to the children's section of the museum. Here, Clark and Stuart climbed and played while I fed and changed babies. It worked out rather nicely. They enjoyed their lunch and loved watching all the kids run around.  It is a GREAT children's museum and I would love to go back sometime soon- there was so much to do.

Just in awe of it all.

Love the little stools so my guy can get the best view.

Me & My guy.


"Riding Daddo's muscles" for a better view.

Hard at work in the Children's Museum.

I think Shep liked the trains too.
Big Boy Block Building.

We might have made a little souvenir on our way out.

After we had seen all we came to see we made our way back to the car, loaded up the crew and headed for lunch. The babies were sound asleep so to avoid waking them up, we had lunch in the van as we drove home. It was a lovely day and an event I am sure we will most likely hit up again next year. It was a great way to start out our Christmas celebrations.


  1. looks like such fun and you look great!

  2. I seriously love their holiday shirts! Oh they are precious!

  3. I'm so glad y'all hadva special day devoted to Clark...impressed that you guys madevit so smoothly with family as whole! Congrats super mommy!!!

    Looks like awesome day!


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