Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Catch Up.

Yes, it is mid- January. Yes, I know most readers are wayyyyy over Christmas posts, but I am having a hard time blogging about anything else until I post at least a few pictures and thoughts from this Christmas. I am so behind on blogging and today is a snow day so I am hoping for a chance to play catch up.  I have so many things in my camera and in my head that I want to blog about, but when I get home from work every night it is the last thing on my mind. So after all those excuses let's recap Christmas.

This Christmas was extra special because it was our first Christmas as a family of 5. We did so many special things, started so many new traditions and just enjoyed the holiday season. It was our best Christmas yet because Clark was way into it all. He loved his Elf on The Shelf, he loved learning about baby Jesus, he loved all of the Christmas movies on TV (that we still watch daily thanks to DVR), he loved meeting Santa, he loved making cookies, he loved getting cards in the mail everyday- he truly is my son. I have ALWAYS loved everything about Christmas and this year it was so much fun to see him enjoy it possibly even more than I do.

My sweeties on Christmas Eve.

Making cookies for the big guy,

Just feeding the reindeer.

My sweet boy after church on Christmas Eve.

A Birthday cake for Jesus.

Reading The Night Before  Christmas with my nephew Kaden.

This year we did not travel any place for Christmas. I guess when you have three kids 3 and under 3 people come to you! We hosted Christmas this year for both of our families. My parents, brother, sister and her boys came to our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We enjoyed all kinds of things with them like Christmas Eve service at church, a birthday cake for Jesus, putting out reindeer food, waiting for Santa, Christmas morning breakfast, and Christmas Day dinner. I enjoyed having everyone here. We did things like eat in our dining room for the very first time and use our electric knife for the very first time- it was a wedding gift nearly 7 years ago and I took the plastic off of it to cut my very first ham! Big times around here! :)

Somebody must have been a good boy this year.

These guys must have been good too!

Way excited about his gifts from Santa.

Wait... Is that mamaw under there?

Christmas morning pjs! Soooooo cute.

My dad using our knife- 1st time= big deal...
SK and one of her new dolls.

Sword fighting in the living room. You know- a normal Christmas activity right?!

Clark and Uncle Lance on the hunt for the "Fluffy White Catty".
(this is the white cat that sits in front of our house and torments Barney)

The day after Christmas, Stuart's mom, dad and brother came to our house and we celebrated Christmas number two. We enjoyed a lunch and gift exchange with them. It really was so nice to be in our home and not have to worry about getting everyone packed up and out the door.

Clark and Grandpa Snyder amongst the toys.

Clark and Grammy reading a book.
Trying to see just how many new toys he can play with at once!

I could go on and on about every detail of the two weeks I was off school and all of the adventures we took , all of the sweet snuggles I got from all of my babies, all of the Christmas tree staring I did, all of the Christmas like activities we got to do, but like I said it is mid January and my mind is going one hundred directions so I think the pictures will tell the story. Now I can at least say I documented Christmas- even if it is the shortened, condensed version.

There you have it a few pictures from a Snyder Christmas. It did really happen!I only took about 1,000- so I'll spare you the rest.


  1. It looks like you all had a great Christmas! You have the cutest kiddos, by the way! :)

  2. Love the twins Christmas twins wore the exact same ones this year! Great minds think alike!!!

  3. LOVE the Eric Carle bags. Any idea where Santa got them? :) Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Found you via instagram! Your little ones take me back in time! Oh, how I miss those days! We have a son & twins. Our son was 21 months when they were born. He's now four & the girls are 2 & 1/2. Enjoy every (busy as they may be) moment! It flies by!


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