Sunday, January 15, 2012

Poor Shepard.

I am a little conflicted about this post as I feel like it will look like I have neglected one of my children.(well, not really but I don't want him to read this one day and think he was neglected. ha!) Yesterday Clark had a fun morning date with his daddy to Lowe's and Sara Kate and I had a GNO to an author meet and greet at a local bookstore and poor Shep got no one on one time. Don't worry little buddy- you will get your turn, promise. :)

So to start out the day Stuart and Clark hit up our local Lowe's store for a build and grow clinic. I signed them up for it about a month ago and Clark was very excited and has been talking about it ever since. I was a little worried it would be too hard because the recommended age for the project was grades 1-5 and Clark is 3, but we gave it a go anyhow. So glad we did because Stuart said Clark LOVED it and it sounds like they had a really good time. He came home and told me all about it and he was so proud of his work. It is super cute! He made a little wooden castle with a working drawbridge AND he got a FREE apron, hammer, certificate and patch. Yes, a patch. Every clinic he goes to he gets a little patch for his apron. How cute is that?! I will be sewing that on today because it is so cute.  I loved that they got to spend time together and maybe, just maybe Stuart will learn a few things and become a handy man...what do you think? Doubtful,but still cute that they loved it so much. They are going back in a few weeks to build a dinosaur and I do hope that this clinic lives up to Clark's expectations because he is PUMPED for it. He asked this morning if they were going today. How cute is he? I am also so proud of Stuart for taking pictures of the event since I stayed home with the duo even though I contemplated loading everyone in the car just so I could play my usual role of paparazzi, but considered it was 17 degrees outside and thought better of it. I love the pictures he took. So cute and did I mention these events are all FREE!

Love him and that super cute mini hammer.

Yes, of course I made him put the apron on and hold the certificate for a quick photo op.

Proud boy and his finished product!

Last night after the big Lowe's event Sara Kate and I had a date night too! We went to Lexington with my dear friend Ginny to one of my favorite places- Joesph Beth Bookstore. We went to see one of her friends from high school who wrote a book called The Queen Of Kentucky and was having a meet and greet with her book. We had a great time in and I must say it was a little strange to be out with just one of them. I am not used to only having ONE baby to look after and take care of. I was totally out of my element and when people would ask how old she was, or comment on how cute she was I felt the need to tell everyone she was a twin and we left brother at home. Not sure why, or that anyone cared but it was just a little strange for me to only have one. Otherwise, I enjoyed myself very much and now I am totally looking forward to finishing the book. It is a young adult novel about a 14 year old girl growing up in KY and her life as she transitions into high school. I came home and read the first 3 chapters last night. It is just darling, I am loving the main character and I can't wait to finish it. If you have middle or high school girls it would be a perfect read for you and for them. I have a feeling I will be recommending it to everyone I know with girls. Of course Sara Kate and I got our copy autographed,  but you can order yours on Amazon or if you are local they have it at Joe Beth.

SK and Ginny. (sorry about the drool Gin.)

So no, Shepard did not get a night out or even a trip to Lowe's, but I am planning on doing a little shopping today using some gift cards from Christmas and maybe I will take him along so he does not feel left out! ;) We had a great Saturday and the best part is we have two days of weekend left!! Today and NO SCHOOL on Monday. Who knows, I may even work on getting the duo out of our room and into their cribs...maybe!


  1. Ok, Clark in the apron may be the cutest thing ever. I hope our Lowes does stuff like that when Walker gets older. How fun!

  2. Yay! It was so great to meet you. And I can't believe all that you have going on PLUS you keep you with your blog. Teach me, Master. :)
    Thanks again. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. And thanks for telling everybody about it.
    If you ever want to do a Character Interview or something, I'd be down.
    All best,


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