Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Duo- 4 months

The twins turned 4 months old on 1/13. I keep saying this, but it is flying by. I think it is flying faster due to the fact that I am working and the days are usually over before I even feel like I have my act together.

This month they celebrated Christmas, attended the funeral of their last living great grandpa, started going to the sitter with Clark everyday, moved up to size two diapers, welcomed 2012, and many more exciting and not so exciting milestones.

Think they have changed?

Without further ado, here are their 4 month stats:

Weights: (as of 1/19/12)
Shepard- 13 lbs. 12 oz. (5.1 at birth)
Sara Kate- 13 lbs. 14 oz. (5.11 at birth)

Lengths: (as of 1/19/12)
Shepard: 24.5 inches (up from 17 at birth)
Sara Kate: 24.5 inches (up from 18 at birth)

Diaper Size:
Shepard: Size 2
Sara Kate: Size 2

Clothing Size:
Shepard: 3-6 month and 6 months.
Sara Kate: mostly 6 months and some 3-6
NEWSFLASH!!! Last night they slept 11  hours!!!
They are great little sleepers. (knock on wood) They have learned to sleep longer stretches at night and take good naps during the day. We are still swaddling them and they are still sleeping in their Rock and Play Sleepers beside our bed. We have not made the transition to the cribs yet mostly because their cribs are upstairs and we are lazy. ha! We enjoy being able to feed, change and put them back in bed without getting out of ours. Also Shepard is such a little paci lover. If his paci falls out at night he loses his mind. I have slept many nights lately with my hand on his paci keeping it in his mouth. We usually feed them between 8:30-9:30 at night and Sara Kate will sleep until we wake her at 5:30 to eat before I get ready for work. Shepard on the other hand usually eats one extra time in between there at least 3 times a week. Sara Kate LOVES to nap in the swing and Shepard prefers to nap in his Rock and Play or anytime anyone holds him.

Eating: (no real change since last month)
They have still not had any formula. They are doing wonderfully nursing- much better than I ever thought we would do. I have been pumping two times during the day at work and feeding them as soon as I get home. Still eating on schedule every three hours. I am thinking they eat about 4-5 ounces each time, because that is what satisfies them when I pump and give them bottles. Everyday that we make it nursing I feel like it is a small victory and we  made it another month!!!
If I'm keeping it real, I do feel like my life revolves around when someone else has to eat. My brain is always checking the clock to make sure it is not time to feed someone. I am either nursing, pumping or thinking about when it is time to do one or the other. I also know that this stage will be over before I know it and I am going to keep it up for as long as I can.  I know my friends are tired of hearing me talk about it, but it does consume my life right now and if I talk about it too much I am so sorry.

This little guy has been developing quite the personality. We have just been enjoying his smile and the beginnings of what we think is a laugh. He is long and lean like his daddy and just looks cuter everyday. He is still very laid back, loves to sleep and is getting much better at sitting in his Bumbo. He is VERY chatty and makes all kinds of fun noises to remind us that he is in the room.

Sara Kate:
Sweet SK is getting bigger everyday! She is very much like her momma and is in no way long or lean. ;) She has lots and lots of rolls and one would think she weighs more than her brother just by looks alone, but they are almost identical in height and weight. She is a Bumbo lady and loves anything that helps her sit up and take in all the action. She is not much for lying down. She continues her love affair with the swing. I am starting to think it is because she can see the TV. She really likes it when I watch ET or Extra. She loves keeping up with the celebrity gossip!

 On Thursday of this week we went to see Dr. Warner for their 4 month well visit. They both checked out great. He said they look to be teething and that would explain the snotty noses, chewing on hands ALL.THE.TIME, and such. We will also be waiting about a month or so to try rice cereal based on his recommendation. We will also be trying some baby oil for the funk (cradle cap) on SK's head. The bows are no longer covering it! ha! So we are going to work on that. Dr. W (who has twins too) was very impressed with their growth and this momma LOVES getting a good report! Hopefully we don't need to go back until the 6 month checkup!

We even took some pictures and played on Instagram while we waited to see the doctor:

Can't wait to see what this month has in store for us. Rolling over? Teeth? Longer stretches of sleep? We shall see. We have survived 4 months and are looking forward to more. 


  1. They are getting cuter by the day....if that is possible. And can I just say that I am still endlessly impressed that you have nursed these babies at all....especially for this long! Mother of the year award definitely goes to you!

  2. Your babies are cuties! I love that you are still nursing and trying to go as long as possible. I suggest age 2! ;) Seriously, my son was almost 3 when he was weaned. It might be a little harder with twins, but the convenience of nursing, changing diapers, and going right back to sleep (without all the bottle hassles in the middle of the night) are worth it. Plus, your babies KNOW that you love them and they are bonded to you in a way that is awesome and amazing because of your commitment to nursing. MARVELOUS! :)


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  3. i am so impressed you are nursing still! Way to go!! Your babies are cuties and I'm so jealy of their sleeping! Harper has completely stopped sleeping through the night since I've returned to work! Bummer! They are just adorable and you are looking great as ever!

  4. Gave you a blog award @

  5. You are an amazing mommy and inspiration to me! I can't seem to transition my little ones to the breast! They are still little small our ped says and recommends getting them to 8 lbs before attempt breast all the time. Don't want them to loose weight, plus my son has terrible reflux and has to have cereal in bottles or he turns little grey! So he has to nurse in a "standing " position.
    I too obsess and talk constantly about pumping feeding and NOT sleeping!
    We r still doing only breast milk a well but feeding bottles and my pumping schedule is rough. I needed to hear some keeping it real! Cause sometimes I'm just drowning in sleep deprivation!
    Back to babies. They are so adorably cute and growing like little weeds! And their sleep at nighttime is amazing!! Lots on horizon to look forward to!


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